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For state is incorrect is a Carolina Clemson or to state. Clemson is correct. You're up one stop. Doc. Which member of Jared and Katie in the morning has the least number of siblings. Is it Jason Haiti or Jared? Jason jason. Jerry. Yeah. After they had Jason Goodman. Full stop. Sister. Right. Yeah. So so we'll have half try. I have no idea. The only child. Speaking to Jason Goodman. He has theories. Yeah. He does have the theories can be out kind of out there. Sometimes did you use the word can most of the time. Sometimes I see what he means by other times. I what are you talking about? He has like he has popsicle theory about kind of sexy time, anyway, he may be explained. But that he has language that he's trying to develop a theory about how to be more efficient with your language. Women are ovens that theory type of theory, lots of theories, really positive exciting. Well, can you actually might like this? Here's a theory on how to fix the world. Totally great. Let's fix the world. He worked on it yesterday for about ten minutes. He. They'll share this theory with us. That's coming up with Jerry and Katie in the morning. The.

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