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Mary wilson co founder of the legendary. Supreme wilson died on february eighth. Twenty twenty one. She was seventy six. If you have questions comments after future in black america progams email us at in black america. At ku t. dot org. Also let us know what radio station. You hurt his over. Don't forget to them. Scratch podcast and follow us on facebook and twitter. You're gonna previous programs online at ku t-that org. Also you can listen to a special collection of imblack. I'm ever programs had american archive public broadcaster. That's american archives dot. Org the views expressed on this program. Not necessarily those of this station or of university of texas at austin until via the opportunity again for technical producer david alvarez. I'm john johansen junior. Thank you for joining us today. Please join us again next week. Cd copies of this program are available and may be purchased by writing in black america cds k. Ut one university station austin texas seven eight seven one two. That's in black. America cds k. Ut radio one university station austin texas seven eight seven one to this has been a production of k. Ut radio i'm fresh. I'm confucius every saturday night. We host the break the hottest hip hop show off. And that you could hear weekly highlights on the brakes podcast on native off. Tonight we love talking. Texas hip hop hip hop history was going on right now. We love it. All subscribe now at ku x dot org slash the brakes however. Get your podcast..

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