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Might say, Hey, we've been on the air 24 7 from the first of the year. Everybody deserves a break. Let's just sign it off at eight o'clock when the home appliance show has done this morning. Not going to happen. WJR will not let that happen. We're going to keep going strong and to tell us how strong and with what Here is Dave Rigger. Coming up at eight o'clock is the Ric Edelman financial Show. And then following him the inside outside guys from 10 Til noon from 12 to 1 today, the law line with Justin growth for your legal questions, and later on today, sport trapped with Chris Renwick. And that's what's going on on WJR later today. Thank you, Dave. The show must go on, Joe. That's my philosophy. Let's go to Tiffin, Ohio. Somebody who called us at 808 590 wjr 808 590957. With a dryer that won't turn on. This is Mike. Good Morning, Mike. Thanks for calling And how may we help you? Good morning, Joe, um, went to push the button in on the drier the other day and Did nothing. I checked, Uh, breaker and we have power to the dryer. It's electric. That's a Maytag. Uh, little over 10 years problem. And, uh, we have nothing. We check continuity in the wires. Nothing's burned in the back. We have power to the unit. Are you say nothing. No sound at all. No sound at all. You've got to go right to the door switch. Okay. We did that We were and we had. It's a little tab activates, Uh, switch. Correct. Now it's time we have no rights when we open it. The light wouldn't come on. We kind of jumper Dad crossed and we got the light to come on. So we pushed the button in and held the button in and tried to knob and we had nothing there either. So, but you did bypass the door switch. Yeah, because we did get the light to flicker on and off. Yeah, you did that. Yes. When you did that. Well, the dryers to 20. Correct the door switches 1 10. All right Now you go back to the dryer Accord, the electrical cord. Uh huh. And you make sure you unplug it first, Okay? Okay. I want you to follow the cord where it goes into the back of the dryer. All right. There's a little panel there you take off. There's three or four connections right there where the cord hooks up to the dryer. Okay. I want you to inspect those connections very close. Okay? Is movement in that dryer vibrates vibrated for 10 years plus And causes any wire that's loose. To get looser. And many times the wires short out in the back, provide you one den. Through the circuit. But it won't provide to 20 because it's disconnected back there. That's where I want you to concentrate your efforts. And you gave me that secret there when you told me that light of flickered Right? Because I think Oh, my brother was doing it and he was putting up switch back in and we didn't have the power off of it. And you know, whatever. He was touching that light would come on. Yeah. And And still didn't have anything because we tried to push the button in and he could have burned his dialing finger. Never call radio show again. Well, he did get zapped little. Yeah. Yeah. And you know you're fooling with a dryer with electricity. And you're also fooling with the product that next to water, the washing machine any deafness on the floor? It will give you an extra jolt. But you try that, Mike. I want to hear back from you. Donald gives up email. And I'd like to hear back from you if it worked or not. And we'll go from there and joy. If if thats switch as long as we had a light there, that switch would be okay. And then, yes, adore switch. Yeah. Yeah, okay. Already. We'll look at the cordon. Thanks, Mike. All right. Thanks, Joe. Have a good day. Welcome. Thank you. And here's that email address. It's the first four letters of appliance followed by the first four letters of Dr at gmail dot com. A PPL D O. C T at gmail dot com. This one we're going to Cleveland got a question about how to clean a new Frigidaire refrigerator. This is less good morning less thanks for calling all the way from Cleveland. We appreciate you very much the morning, Joe. And I appreciate you guys very much. And I am a repeat, caller. Thank you. Okay. I used to have a G e side by side and underneath it. You could take the panel out and there was a pan underneath there. You'd slide that out in the coils were there. So you could get under there and run your sweeper and clean it out. Because stub believe me, I do it for house cats, but she bought a new reef fruit, frigid air refrigerator. And there doesn't seem to be a panel on the front. There is the cardboard one on the back. So are all the coils and everything just in the back. I don't see any way to get underneath it from the front. Well, some of them are just in the back. Some of them are spread out like the old style underneath. But let me tell you very alarming thing. That the manufacturers of refrigerators have done to the public. You know your past. When you bought a refrigerator, you had an instruction book. Instruction book said that once twice a year, you should pull a drain pan out from underneath the refrigerator and wash it because it is a source of bacteria. And I mean bad bacteria. It's a source of odor that you can't get rid of until you watch that drain Pan. They were concerned about your health. And they made it very verbal in their writing. Now. The drain pan underneath the refrigerator is now metal instead of plastic. It's so ordered to the top of the compressor so you can't remove it. It's much smaller the space to reach inside that drain pan. We all scraped the top of your hand on metal. Trying to get your hand in there. Okay? So in other words, they couldn't give high blazers about your health anymore. And that's totally wrong. I took one of those drain bands out of the refrigerator. I took it to a doctor had, um, analyze it, He said To me, there's more bacteria in this drain pan. And you remember this Now you've got a fan motor underneath there. And it's breaking that bacteria right out into your kitchen. Okay, kind of hot on the subjects when they do things so wrong without caring. About the end user the by the person who purchases their product and I think they're all weapon wrong and deceiving. Let's put it that way. But okay, go through the back and do all that, Mrs. And then I got to tell you unless they make the whole plate in the front of the refrigerator. They put special screws in some of these that you can't even find a screwdriver to match the screw. Okay, and you should get underneath there and clean some of the dirt That's underneath there because it's all bacteria. But right in the case of this ladies that refrigerated Frigidaire You may have to do all your cleaning from the back. You'll remove that cardboard cover or whatever covers on there. You'll get down there with a brush a long handled brush. You can buy those brushes. They're called condenser brushes at the hardware store, and, uh, crevice tool of the vacuum cleaner and cleaner. It is The less and.

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