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Auto Mall shop Fits first Save Money, A New Toyotas, Hyundais and Subaru's visit. Fit small dot com Transparency You can trust Dave Tilden. W T o P traffic and we're joined Live now by storm team for meteorologist. Amelia Draper. Amelia, what is going on out there tonight? Well, not much is going on out there tonight partly to mostly cloudy skies, and it's just kind of cold out there with temperatures tonight in the thirties. This is one of those nights where if you have a fireplace, am jealous and beats a great night to have a fire After some sunshine tomorrow morning, we'll have plenty of clouds around for the second half of the day, a bit of a breeze with highs in the low to mid fifties. Tomorrow evening around this time, some widely scattered generally light showers are possible, especially west of Washington. I know a few people reaching out. They have some outdoor bonfire plans tomorrow night. I think generally you should be okay. But again don't rule out the chance for a light shower. But we're not talking about widespread, steady, heavy rain or anything like that. For Thanksgiving morning, we will have rain at times by the mid day hours were starting to dry out. By the afternoon hours were starting to clear out and temperatures for the afternoon and the low to mid sixties. So not bad for the second half of the day on Thanksgiving. A mix of clouds and sun on Friday over 50 is too low sixties on Saturday, maybe a lightly day shower or some Sprinkles, otherwise plenty of clouds with highs near 60 currently across the region. Right now, Kensington coming in at 44 degrees Ah, Bladensburg coming in at 48 further to the south down around the AKA Kiki area temperature there. 44. Alright, Amelia. Thanks 6 11 Now on Double d t o P. It was a record close for the Dow Today. It reached 30,000 for the first time in history, analysts say part of the reason.

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