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Hi fits. If you beat the Vikings, you get the eagles. In round two, barring an incredible Geno Smith upset of the niners, which I think I don't know what scenario that would happen. But the Giants kind of feel like they could beat the eagles. And the Giants fans kind of feel like they could go in there and do some stuff, correct? Yes. I know Brian Davis said we're not playing with house money. The giants are playing with house money. I don't care. This is just like a pure joy. I mean, literally a year ago, the Giants were running quarterback sneaks on third and 9 because they were afraid of taking a safety. And within a year, they've made the playoffs. This was supposed to be a rebuild. They're just immediately, it was just a retool. They immediately found the right coach, the right GM, and then it turns out Daniel Jones was the right quarterback in plain sight. This is already like such a successful season. I mean, even if you added the Vikings win, it would just be joy to play the eagles. Raheem that hyphens was one of the people that talked to me out of the Giants over before the season. I could have been 25, 6 and one against the against the over unders and he said. It was you and just straps, and I was like, I like the Giants. I don't know, easy schedule and you guys are like, no. I came on, I came on this show and I said, I love the job. You did. To make the playoffs. I just felt like Ryan de bull was just, I mean, he's that guy, so well, we went from judge to Dave ball and four months and judge goes to the pads. I don't know what his responsibility was of the past, but he was part of the Pats mess. Giants fans hated judge, and now Dave balls, I compared them, I feel like there's some Parcells kind of magic, early Parcells, early 80s Parcells. You weren't alive for that high fits, but just this coach that comes in and transforms everything. It's pretty cool. Yeah, he's not Parcells in the disciplinary and vibe, but like, I think Brian dean, I will say, I don't know how many coaches and NFL history would look more natural at a tailgate outside the game. It looks like he just wandered under the sideline, especially he's got the goatee now. But it's been transformative and also I think that the fact that the Giants went from Jason Garrett, who looks like a mannequin on the Sunday and smiling. It looks like he's made of like a plastic. I mean, the Giants under Jason Garrett, they were outscored, I think the year before this year, 79 to zero in the final two minutes of the two minute warning, which is impossible. And now you see what the worst coaching possible looks like to the best. And that's been the whole season. So again, the thread between these two games, I think Raheem you nailed it. The injury reports coming out because we're recording this Thursday. The injury reports, both the Vikings and the bucks are looking at like maybe a third string center possibly and then both teams having like injuries at the tackles, the cowboys have injuries. I think that that is very important considering how important pass rush is to affecting Grady to affecting Kirk and making Dax brain malfunction. Raheem giants 20 four to one on FanDuel to win the NSC. Nah, don't do it. Don't do it. I'm just relaying the information. I'm not saying I'm better. I'm gonna take my giants playoff money and quit while I'm ahead. Just do 50 to one for the Super Bowl. Well, you're not winning the Super Bowl. Here's the road. You win this game. You win this game. Oh, I see the little smoke smile on your face. You win this game. You go into Philly, Philly hasn't looked good in a month, shocker you beat them. And then Dallas beat San Francisco. And now you get to play Dallas who you also know you can beat. It would be all teams you know you can beat three in a row. You're not beating San Francisco ten out of ten times. I don't think. That would be wrong. But look, the Giants made

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