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Wham radar weather, cloudy afternoon, high forty six cloudy tonight as well low near thirty three then for tomorrow, Saturday, partly cloudy. I've about forty eight that's lamb news. Now, I'm Dan Martin, non lamb talk sixteen hundred. Hi, this is Keith from Lewis jewelers. I want to take this moment to thank all of our clients. We have served hundreds have taken the time to share their experience with a review, and it's truly humbling. You have made us the top talked about jeweler in Ann Arbor. The top jeweler in Washington county and one of the most widely reviewed jewelers in the state of Michigan. It is always an honor to play a role in your life journey. Tune in for the Danish show. How far do you wanna go? Right. Don't wear gold hoops because that's was Sumerian those were the Sumerians nothi gyp. It was the Sumerians bef-. Oh, please. I can sit here and tell you about the history of the gold hoop. This is what I do I shoot guns, and I know things it's like Tyrian from Tyrian, Lancaster, I shoot guns, and I know things tune in for the Danish show. Don't miss a minute of the Danish show every weeknight at six right after they run weeknights from sixty ways on where. Michigan. Ninety four somewhere in Arbor somewhere. This guy. Nerve somewhere in Michigan. Somewhere. Framing. Get up and do math. Turn it. If book music Friday. Thank you Dixie hummingbirds. Thank you. It's tough the struck down. There's some other stuff this CD never left my baby CD player ever. That's one of my lovely west favorites. These.

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