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With the ending in there's also a questionable moment rights and is now doing press in he has explained it for us uh bread what did he say yes so in luke skywalker last stand on crates when he faces off with pilot ren obviously we learn that this is an acura luke skywalker it's a force prediction of himself that luke skywalker is controlling from ought to so the one of the bigger problems people have had um aside from the sheer idea of la la luke skywalker using abortion as fashion um is that they don't understand why kylo ren dozen realize that when luke skywalker gets out the lightsaber that once belonged to a pencil of grandfather and against guy walker why he didn't realize that it's fake because that lightsaber was broken in half when ray and kylo were both using the four which can grab it and there's a splash of energy that not kylo ren out and allowed rates you escape afterwards uh so ryan johnson has answered this and this is something that you can really kind of assume yourself it's actually exactly what i had assumed the explanation was about this but some people need these things explained to them you know very bluntly and clearly um what ryan johnson has said a pro he also talked about why luke appears younger than is the way he appears on october and so ryan johnson says luke's basically tailoring this projection to have maximum effect on kylo he does a kylo the killies he'll is his rage and so that's why he makes himself look younger the way kylo would've last seen him in their confrontation at the temple and that's why he decided to bring carlos grandfather's lightsaber doubt there the lightsaber that kylo uh screamed at ray that lightsaber belongs to me as far as johnson's concern luke believes the anc lightsaber will have much more visceral impact on the earth ben solo then luke's own green blade uh johnson also adds we as an audience see that the the truth is we should lightsaber split in half kylo sees a blinding flash of light and.

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