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Along with the communist ford brown who loves ivan drago back to the four vector yes is a communist sympathizer a russian sympathize communist sympathizer four ground i am not as not impressed that the fact that rocky balboa did in the cold war rocky balboa did in fact in the cold war that's a fact tallies industry but how you're russian sympathizer but your name is board well here's wrong no no i need to get into the world war to politics of the four did here's the we don't want that suit coming down out this way okay let's just say here's the biggest part of all the drago was the man who could not be beaten he was doing steroid he yet the guy in baraki bilo not sound say joe you recalling a movie the real fight that i saw drago 110 and nothing what fight did you see i'm assuming they're still seen a boxing match the owned boxing match you see was the bronze bomber dion tape walter knocking out bernard sort of aiding of first round like a true a baby ensure that added that i'm assuming that a lot of obama that there's ten rounds in boxing but whatever i watch drago down rocky and that was the most impressive thing about this is why the main eucation of four brown continues to this day right now thank you joe thank you for that because of you i can rest assured that i will i will teach my my future signs the way absolutely i'm excited about it because you know what forgive me for christmas aegis he said melissa listen for christmas i just wanted to show you i've grown up first gest here the first ever chester has occurred oh goodness gracious well we're just getting into the the midst of it okay absolute we're getting into it and and it makes me happy that we can do things like this if we can get the man our own and you know we can talk a little movie we can talk a little shot but zach small the gone that's definitely the highlight of the com yesterday's not the highway is still low light at the car it is absolutely the low i the conversation because zach has like three redeeming qualities and a bullet was elena end so without those there's only two left and i'm not exactly sure that those are.

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