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Welcome to NASCAR NBC podcast. I'm your host Nate Ryan. This is part two of our conversation with Jeff Burton on the state of NASCAR in two thousand nineteen hopefully already heard part one. If you didn't go back and listen right now, lots of good feedback for the mayor's thoughts on many things and that continues here in part two. We talk NASCAR economics salary caps and the conundrum of using rules to save money. We also talk about the two thousand nineteen rules package with lower horsepower. And why Jeff thanks it could work and also how he'll know if it doesn't work and we also talk about short tracks and the twenty twenty schedule ambient, two important caveats. Here we tape this a few weeks ago. And that was before this week's big announcement that NASCAR will conduct post race inspection at track and strip winds from drivers this year. I know Jeff has. Many thoughts on that. And maybe I'll see if he graciously will return to discuss that when the inevitable disqualification controversy happens later this year. And also this is recorded before the recent test of the new rules at Las Vegas Motor Speedway, though. I think that's less noticeable because Jeffs analysis is pressure as always, and he actually intimidated some of what drivers and teams would say at that test. So let's get right to it. We'll kick it off. With Jeff's thoughts on the financial state of NASCAR in twenty nineteen there. We talked a little bit about NASCAR being entrance tuition. And obviously a big theme from twenty eighteen and going into twenty nineteen is how it's finding its footing financially both from team business model perspective and the perspective of this new structure of sponsorship that nascar's talking about title sponsor, essentially changing into a multi tiered thing that involved tracks and teams UC Jeff with.

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