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This is the exact different family. This is from the Romans and other, you know, hippie thing like me, and you a hip young thing. I'm a hippie happy. Young thing. Exactly where we keep. We keep it jive as they say. This sounds like. I'm seventeen right. And so I'm younger than you. So maybe you'll generations a little different the bebop generation. I don't even know it's too. I think I'm generally shouldn't phone is that what they call it the generation phone. Yeah. You've just grown up and you've never known. Right. I always had a phone always online. Something like that. Right. So someday, we'll be born with the phones. Why shouldn't it be generation cell phone because we grew up with phone? Yeah. That's true. That's a good point your headline. Collecting your hands of liver spots twenty four. Yeah. Yeah. You get you get liver spots when I'm a generation to you know, when you use the rotary phone, you gotta you gotta turn it so much that you Hanser. This is very hunched over, you know. Okay. I feel attacked feel like you coming coming at you calf kissed experience, right? Kafka twenty talks about Comcast. Since the seventies about Kafka's since I saw a thing about a Woody Allen movie one time. Oh, yeah. Jesus you sound like Mushin, but clue and. Meat. You know, who that is? It was that must be a young reference that I don't get it. It is. Yeah, it's it's all it's a very young. Well, anyway, I I was gonna say, obviously, you're not Woody Allen because Woody Allen would never be able to release another film. Probably didn't tell the rest of his life believe it was hard to even get this one, you know, pass because people said your names to familiar, I submitted a bunch of different titles. But why didn't you just make up a different name since you made it up? Anyway, what different? Why are your eyes, narrowing to almost slits since you meet up the name 'cause you'll Rudy ailing and you made up your name. Why wouldn't you make it something like Bailey? Joe wtn's, isn't that your friend's name? This is just saying look, I don't know that this is where exactly where we want to go with this. This is like the second season of homeland at like episode four when they looking. Grabbing your hair? Say we could've squeezed a little more drama. This. I I thought I was being Matic second of all. Squeeze these lemons if you don't mind and try to get to the truth. I was trying to but I'm so okay, I'll bacteria. I'll be quiet, quiet woman. What you always wanted hush. Dear. Feeling you can smile little more. Oh, don't tell me this. Lemons Francey is right though. Tracy is right. You seem so Woody Allen s I mean, you have this like fisherman's hat is that what they call it. You know, those like sorta fisherman's hand. Yeah. I know what you mean. Yeah. And it looks I know that you have a big bushy moustache. But can I can I be Frank? It looks sort of like Groucho glasses like those ones that Woody Allen used in. Everyone says I love you. I have never seen that feel make I I mean joined the glove, but I for some reason I was there on opening night, and you're mustaches and totally snug dear upper lip your mustache, isn't totally. I mean. I mean, it grows on dry, right? Tammy Tut Tut ticket. Oh my God. I'm. Louis CK trying to make them. No, the movie guys just feel liver spots a flickerings. Yeah. From your Hispanic, but white Hispanic skin. Yeah. That's right. Goes. Yeah. Yeah. But wow. So is mind blowing. What do you want from me guys? I'm trying to make a movie. Let's do it. You've got I thought it was onto something. And it wasn't at all. No. You weren't ROY long Manso Lewellen. Yeah. Louie you refuse to be on the show while you're popular. And then the second you're not anymore. You come on. Look, I first of all I thought it was weird that you asked me to be on it, even after it was unpopular, but. Clicks squeaks. Cliques are very very important..

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