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Our top story this hour the effort to stop fast moving flames from a wildfire. That's already being blamed for five deaths in northern California. The fires near the town of paradise have already forced thousands of people to flee is man says when the order came down. He didn't have much time to grab anything jazz. Steal valuables. That nothing else. Yeah. Now change up close. And that's about it. We'll have much more this story coming up at seven thirty one drivers near hickory hill school. We'll see if a million face return once again students have Conradi junior. High are being guided across five lanes of traffic at Roberts road in ninety six street by Marianne Anna for the daily southbound reports the seventy five year old had weight over six months to get her doctor's okay to go back to work after being hit by a car. Her return comes a week after three children were killed in Indiana while crossing the street to catch a school bus. The paper says the twenty year old driver who hit Anna for had his license suspended for a year and must do one hundred and twenty hours of community service. Antsy hardy NewsRadio on one zero five point nine FM five days. Playstation council users in Chicago, we'll begin paying tax the nitrogen tax to the city of Chicago. It was a deal that PlayStation parents Sony, cut with the city of Sakata with the senior attorney Jeffrey Schwab who has a different take on. And we think that the city doesn't. Have the constitutional authority to do that may tax not based on whether somebody used it in Chicago that whether they had a billing address in Chicago streaming services such as Netflix Pandora. Spotify are ready to pay the city's amusement tax. The Newswatch continues. Now admitted for kids sponsored by North Carolina. Diversity health system with the American Academy of pediatrics I'm Dr Don Shefrin more than one million children and teens may suffer from seasonal affective disorder or sad. Sad is related to the shorter days and less intense daylight that occurs during the fall and winter months symptoms can include fatigue difficulty, concentrating irritability, oversleeping, weight gain, and even depression, researchers believe excess melatonin production in the body triggers said disorder melatonin helps regulate the body sleep wake cycle, the shorter darker days of fall and winter 'cause melatonin to increase leading to sad symptoms..

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