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Port Huron, Detroit, Donald Trump discussed on 24 Hour News


On newsradio nine fifty mw wga morning thank you for joining us roberta just they now in on the town jordan these are the top stories of six twenty two another blast of winter today another four to eight inches of snow or in the forecast for the thumb area which is now under a winter storm warning another two to four inches on the way along the eyes sixty nine coroner for port huron and lapierre the remainder of metro detroit will get anywhere from one to three inches but the wind shells are going to be in the single digits traffic and weather together had president trump will host a white house taught today on violence in the video games this in the wake of the portland the florida school shooting cbs news technology consultant larry magude the ways in i'm not aware of any compelling evidence that show that playing video games leads to actual violence of course people who commit violent probably played video games but voted most people their age and the fact is that millions and millions of people play violent games and never commit acts of violence through guest list includes industry executives and companies like take to interactive known for the popular in controversial grand theft auto series here's a happy little nugget about retirement and almost sounds too good to be true about your cashiers w w j business editor murray feldman after twenty years of retirement a third of american households actually had more money than when they were tired the study by the firm black rock found these retirees may have left their workplaces but they're still continuing to saved for retirement even though they're already there deva wjr news time six twenty four treats the twelve k a day give.

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