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Conclusion. and the reason why there are anywhere between five hundred thousand to two and a half million different instances of DG you is because certain localities they will note it differently some do not even know the defensive gun usage unless a trigger is squeezed some do not even notice it and last or don't even counted unless the firearm is fully presented meaning it is not low ready. this is why there is that does that huge gap and that number that's why that did it it is such a wide berth. so. we have a lot to discuss and we have a ton of social justice warrior stuff to get into Hollywood's trying to go full McCarthy and they are creating a new blacklist this is now present in the question of whether or not we should make political donations private we have that for you will talk to Steven Yates about the latest with regards to brexit how that affects the United States Hong Kong whether or not the president tweeted a classified photo of an Iranian missile site and Jim Mattis entre we have all of that as well coming up it's a patch show and as you all know one of the things that is really really close to my heart I always say if I can't eat them and I can't wear something that I want to protect it and I also believe in being a good steward of my environment and I also believe and you know when hunting healthy ethical harvests which is why I think you know you go for one shot one kill when you're hunting I am super super I don't know if there's anyone on this on god's green earth maybe except beside the people over at delta rescue who are crazier about dogs than I am so if you listen this program I mean you've heard me talk about animals before I ate and the biggest supporter in fact I will only support no kill shelters and the biggest no kill careful life care for live animal sanctuary of its kind in the world is delta rescue they're dedicated to loving animals it's a little I mean checked is at a hundred fifteen acre mountaintop ranch and Leo Grillo who is doing what I want to do some day that I mean seriously you have a ranch where you live on animals for ever it's the most amazing thing ever and they rescue animals they care for them for life that's what makes them different from everyone else they're not hypocrites delta animal sanctuary staff by specially trained attendants they look after animals they get fresh water toys treats affection they are perfect stewards.

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