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Of Balance With the people around you who are just happy to. Fix Cars, cut down trees and never bear and whatever. Yeah. So once you have that Miami never going to be that person again, it's like once chance slower third leg, you can't have to anymore. So you'll situation bizarrely a few outcomes you stay where you are you communicate online and do you like. podcasting like this, you'd have to put it online but reach out to people and described with them. All of the people who Diogo of they know your best friend for life reach out. Have a conversation with them as I said when I D podcasts I feel so amazing off towards right because of the stuffy spoken about. But if you WANNA put it online than Nash, just a reason to keep. Speaking to these people because you've got. Stuff out for people but really about the conversation between you and somebody else. Oh you have to pick your ass up and move to a place where you have like minded people so. The factual Cinco is perfect. The fact that your grandparents you might need to be around for them. That's not perfect. So you've got things that could hold you back. But if you -bility to move find a place where there's like minded people I, don't know where in America as might be California Florida I. Don't know what he's. Let's just say Yogi people hang out right. But if you have a job and you can pay the rent, it's no different to being here and paying the rent having a job it's no different. You know the payment be more in a in a California but the rents more your wage might be less here but you rents less says ratio and. Really there is no other choice once she become to eleven of. Awareness. You Eva. Hang around the vibrations or you suffering inside wishing that you. Have this energy I was the same. So. There is no tipoffs online reach out stay where you are physically move to this lifestyle and he doesn't have the America get to. Norway got the Franck got to Belgium. Go to Sweden Iceland right just in a place where there's more like minded people like you know. Is a yoga classes where you are or meditation classes like Western Nearest Yoga. A gym but does Yoga. Legend active. The does yoga stuff and classes pilot season. Yeah. Around here there's not there's not much I just started teaching a friend in her family some yoga and we did a little meditation this last week and so I I'm starting to like do my own teaching here and. There is. Where my father lives, he lives in a he has about seventy acres on. Have you heard of Austin Texas off course I've had vaults and taxes in fucking. He's got about seventy acres down in Austin Texas, and he told me to just come down and he can be can build a house somewhere on the line and. Runs down next to the river. It's really nice kids. Yeah. You Let. Yeah build a Yoga Studio and teach people virtually. Exactly. He says like all you have to do is come down here and help me farm the land I was like all right I'll get on the tractor and motor hey. Having a purpose doing bat in nature is already something more powerful than yoga meditation because that's sorta compensate this material life where you're cutting the grass in nature. That's all humans have had. And he could build a farmhouse cabin do online virtual yoga don't charge initially but as build up people thought charging and just like a laptop on the wall get Yoga Mat and record and just zoom co like with Yogi Shit. That's how you doing anyway for like you and your House fifty people on the screen apart for doing yoga and people get to know your..

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