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Jackie Lacey against Georgia Garzoni he he worked at a French restaurant menu for many years yes I was well I do it was close I know you miss maybe less and what does he tell you talk about to people this is not I can do a better job for you I it's time for new leadership this is a complete difference of philosophy of law enforcement this is one big deal in the world of gas gone and I don't think I'm exaggerating too much the criminals are the cops and that the prisoners are people who really need rehabilitation that that is the way to deal with crime is look at criminals as needing helps and let's deal with top police saw in enforcement excessive enforcement and it's just crazy what he brings he brings a public defender mentality yes he got to the prosecutor which is here but what I really have defense that's right and so the DA is a prosecutor by definition prosecutes and his position is I'm exactly you're exactly right I'm gonna look at this as a public defender in terms of what's going on since I S. societally into that Jackie Lacey African American is not getting a lot of African American support that she's doing not doing enough in terms of vile holding the cops to the fire and it's it's going to be one hell of a race incidently she originally was above fifty percent which shot would not mean the run off she is now down to I hear below fifty percent which means that there will be a run off probably because we trend is for is for her percentage to cry cropping so it doesn't make sense that vin the trend would reverse right with the few last few Balaghat and he will come you'll see the commercials with a towel over his arm we finally know about prop thirteen they finally updated all of the vote tallies yesterday.

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