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Games, you can sort of as we've said before, we never saw the table published when we were kids until they played three or four games. But if we're looking at four or 5 games in and united are still without a win or even worse without a couple of points, it will be I think it's gotta be curtains because you said earlier that they don't have the, they don't have to play as and you're right. They've been definitely sort of hurt and the transfer market, the reputation of the club, the uncertainty around the Christiana Ronaldo situation. There's definitely hurt them. But you then look at that lineup and you look at the resumes of the players who are starting for them. The resumes of the players who are on the bench. And it's just believable lose four nil to Brentford. That's what is amazing about this ten hog moment and I feel for him, he looks aware of how abysmal his team look tactical, flabby, truly lost, and he has the haunted look of Ned Stark and King's Landing a good man completely bewildered by his new surrounding and aware that everything he's built is reputation, his confidence is track record, his sense of self was about to end up on the executioner's block before the end of season one. And you think of Frank the burst into palace, but even more Dutch, the burr lasted, what, like 77 days before he was rejected like a donor organ by its body. And the incredible thing is we've seen great teams become awful. Play terrible football. Like the end of Mourinho's reigns at Chelsea were painful to witness, but this is the beginning of an era, the ten har era. You know, if two matches actually constituted era, this is not a descent. This is the very start when the players are meant to be. Show us their best for their new guy, but this is fatigue. This was misery. This was confusion. It's all already there, and I'm popping 7th street away losses by a cumulative score of two goals scored 21 conceded. These are not the stats of a big 6 club, big picture, which is where we have to go. I mean, I did tweet this. If you put the biggest bloody city fam. In charge of Manchester United over the last decade, I don't believe they could have destroyed the club any more effectively than the glazers have. Gary Neville said it's a real achievement to spend $1.4 billion and be this bad. It is unfathomable to witness, right, David. I mean, it is, it is a problem from the very top on downwards, a rotten rotten organization and culture. Yeah, what you're saying is, this is the new manager bounce that we are witnessing right now. There's not that good. Yeah, and it makes you look back at the range of oligarchs and at José Mourinho and Louis van gaal and David Moyes and think, yeah, they're pretty good managers. They did quite a nice job at man united. It is just. What can he possibly do to turn it around. He can't turn around the entire club. He can't turn around everything. You know, the Christiana Ronaldo situation. I think watching Ronaldo gets so frustrated with his teammates and frustrated about what was going on when he himself has at least some part of the blame of how we're in this situation with the distraction that he caused throughout the whole of pre season the beginning of the season. I just don't know what they do. I can't imagine. I can't imagine being sitting in ten hugs seat and trying to come up with a plan of what to do next. Ronaldo reminds me at this point of that supertanker that got jammed in the Suez Canal that just blocked everything up and just sat there unable to move forward, moved backwards, do anything, just its own size, its own weight, its own immensity, just pretty well ate up the whole world. And when we talk about the glazes, a lot of you are like, well, they don't, you know, they're not the players making the terrible decisions atop a place. He on this tooth is this squad long ago bled out their confidence and morale money has been splurged, but here's a key part in such a non strategic way. They've created an exquisite corpse of a squad with no identity, no pairings or combinations, no rhyme or reason. Other than hype. You know, the players are going to rag Nick and now ten hog do not can not will not listen to tactical plans, can not press. And the only players who they're linked to now are massive stars who are available or players ten hog news from Dutch football. They have no scouting, no plan, no vision of once great stadium Old Trafford is now rotten falling into disrepair. There's no plan. There's no scouting. There's no organization, and the truth is this, that the muscle that made Manchester United so enormous in the early days of the Premier League was really a brand muscle. They were football's first global brand and a global brand needs footballers at market that brand. They don't bring in they didn't bring in footballers who could play tactically cohesive football. So they're almost broken because of the very thing that allowed them to rise. And they are second rate in this new era of data and analytics and coherent tactics. The thing that's amazing about the on out of its deal, which was rumored last week until it was called off because the fans rebelled, you'd think they scouted and data analyzed them and believed he was what was needed, or didn't, but to call it off because of a fan outcry just suggest that they have no idea what they're doing at all. And last word to GFP at a skill says days, I'm pretty sure the glaze is just using united the same way poorly and Henry used the bamboo lounge in Goodfellas, run up the debt, kill the franchise value, and then whether it's not a nickel left to steal, you'll see Joe glazer outside Old Trafford with the matches just walking away. It's a happier news arsenal for Leicester two Gabriel Jesus delivers two goals and two assists on his home debut for the club, the first a wonderful looping chip over

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