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Live from npr news in washington i'm shay stevens authorities in texas are holding a teenage suspect in the shooting deaths of at least nine people and the wounding ten others at a high school south of houston npr's wade goodwin reports the attack began at seven thirty am as the shooter roam the hallways and classrooms of santa fe high school with the shotgun and a thirty eight caliber handgun killing and wounding indiscriminately a school police officer john barnes engage the attacker and was himself critically wounded in the process and a press conference at the high school texas governor greg abbott said the weapons used in the attack came from the shooter's father but there's no information yet as to whether the boy's father was aware abbott reported the shooter was unable to bring himself to commit suicide after the attack as he'd planned wade goodwin npr news i nearly non hundred billion dollar farm bill came up for vote in the republican controlled us house friday but conservative gop lawmakers defeated it as npr's susan davis reports of block of thirty republicans voted with democrats and against forty leaders as part of an unrelated fight over immigration house republicans overwhelmingly support the underlying farmville which includes tougher work requirements to qualify for food stamps but a group of conservatives in the house freedom caucus voted against the bill as part of a pressure campaign on party leaders to bring up unrelated immigration legislation some republicans are demanding a vote on a hard line immigration bill even though gop leaders say it does not have the support to pass the house to go sheshe's all week failed to reach a deal the defeat exposes stark gop divisions on immigration it's also a blow to speaker paul ryan who made the farm bill and its popular subsidies for american farmers a top priority ahead of the november midterms susan davis npr news washington the trump administration is proposing to revive a reagan.

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