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Like life will be good there. I'll get treated so that I can be like my friends. I'll be so so happy along the newsroom. Hello. I'm Chris Barrow with the BBC News. The United States has halted all oil drilling in Alaska's vast National Wildlife refuge, one of the largest expenses of untouched wilderness in the country. Is David Willis. The area is known to be rich in oil. Some estimates put its potential capacity had more than 11 billion barrels. The Trump Administration auctioned off the right to drill there just two weeks before President Biden was inaugurated. But this order from the U. S Department of the Interior puts those leases on pours pending an environmental analysis of the impact of such drilling. It also makes good on Mr Biden's promise. Moved towards reducing the effects of climate change phenomenon his predecessor dismissed as a hoax. The International Conservation Agency. WWF has warned of a devastating impact on animals and plants if global temperatures rise to more than 1.5 degrees above pre industrial levels. It's new report says hundreds of species are at risk from bluebells to Emperor Penguins has climate change, warms oceans and landscapes and increases the frequency of extreme weather events. The U. S Secretary of State Antony Blinken is in Costa Rica to meet foreign ministers from eight Central American countries to discuss the flow of migrants to the United States. Will grant has the details. After talks in the presidential palace with President Carlos Alvarado. Secretary Blinken spoke of the United States intention to share some 80 million doses of the Corona virus vaccine with developing nations. Mr. Blinken later attended a meeting with the foreign ministers of the Secret Group of Central American Nations in Mexico, where much of the emphasis was on the issue of undocumented immigration and the flow of people North. Secretary Blinken has spoken of tackling the root causes of immigration, specifically poverty, unemployment, poor governance and crime, and the plan is being developed for $4 billion worth of investment in Central America over the next four years. Joe Biden has become the first sitting U. S presidents to visit the city of Tulsa in Oklahoma to commemorate the race massacre that took place there 100 years ago. Speaking, it's a memorial events marking the Centenary of one of the worst incidents of racial violence in American history. Mr Biden addressed the last surviving witness of the killing of some 300 black people by white writers in 1921, u R three known Many survivors of a story scene in the mirror dimly No longer Now your story. Be known in full view. Events We speak of the day took place 100 years ago. And yet I'm the first president in 100 years ever to come to Tulsa. This is the world News from the BBC. Humanitarian NGO says at least 23 migrants have drowned off the coast of Tunisia as they attempted to cross the Mediterranean from Libya to Italy. The Tunisian Red Crescent said. 70 other passengers were rescued, as were a further 39 migrants on a second boat that sank near the Chinese import of Spanx. The Brazilian president viable scenario, says his decision to host football's Copper America in Brazil despite a raging Corona virus pandemic is not up for discussion. The president's comments follow a furious reaction at home after the South American Football Confederation announced on Monday. Brazil, which has the world's second highest covert death toll would host the event later this month instead of Columbia and Argentina. Brazilian firm JBs, the world's largest meat processing company, has told the U. S government that a cyber attack on its North American and Australian subsidiaries originated from Russia. The New York his Michelle floury. The FBI is now investigating how a major meat supply got held for ransom. Three weeks ago. A similar incident shot down a U. S oil pipeline. Empty per secretary, Karine Jean Pierre said the White House was engaging directly with the Russian government on this matter. It is also assessing the potential impact on the nation's meat supply workers at some JBs facilities here in the United States and.

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