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Sixty six and from a med standpoint we're talking about jason vargas yesterday and what the best case scenario could be for jason vargas says he made his first started a year against the miami marlins and i believe mike fogelman your expectations for vargas were was it the same as von five innings of to run baseball i even said you might settle for three five and six room baseball yeah totally fine harris was hoping for six innings of two run baseball what you get five innings to run baseball the jason vargas and look every single ending it felt like vargas was in trouble there were ton of ducks on the pond the marlins ended up with sixteen hits in this ball game and yet still found a way to lose but a five ron top half of the first inning basically ended up being the difference for the amazed in zen you had nemo get on base early had mcneil get on base early could no should have grounded into a four six double play if it wasn't for the fact that the marlins and they're ridiculous shifting i mean they have now taking the shifts to another level with the way they had that set up i mean you got a chance to have a four six double play i'm looking at the infield the saying you can't have somebody who could cover second base exactly a proper shift but give them credit they capitalize wilson rama's capitalizes dom smith got to start over pete lonzo A fifth, and then they get to the. Map bullpen and as much as I like Seth logo. Let's be fair. Seth Lugo did not have it set Lugo was all out of sorts in his innings pasta work giving up three runs giving up five hits in the process. Didn't know what if the time no familiar, no Edwin. And then you're gonna Justin Wilson coming in. Bottom. Half of the eighth inning felt like he came in two or three batters too late. Another series win four one on a year with a six two five victory over the Miami Marlins. The storyline for the Mets is simple to scorn runs. The bullpen management leaves a lot to be desired. Somebody has to explain to me. Why Edwin is pitching in a seventy three game the night before and yet in a safe situation in a one run game. He's unavailable. That's not the way it should be drawn at all. That is something that will come back and bite the Mets later on this year. But you'll take the win you'll take any win in which Jason Vargas is getting a victory because you don't expect a whole lot of those. And now you have a chance to sweep the lowly Marlins is Jacob degrom. We'll take them out on Wednesday. So on all good day for the Mets wasn't pretty. Yes. Bit. But a win win. Let's say to New Jersey John Jones is up next. Johnny. Hey, what's going on day? John would shake abrupt. With the Yankees. I'm pulling my hair. Ryan I mean growing up playing baseball play little getting move into the play. First second third base is basic baseball one a one I've got for you. Was close and the second one for you. I I we go number one. They may not okay. You know base almost every day every day. He looks like a guy some back. Am I right or wrong? You're not wrong, and especially left handed pitcher makes a ton of sense topped iota. Okay. That that's the one thing that I'm like. The let the left and the right bad. I want to surpass now. Let's look over there. Let's see who's hot. I i'm. Second. You know, why? John. That's where I disagree. No. No, no, no, no. You wanna have in this day and age you best hitter hitting in the two spot. That's what the angels do. What my trout. It's what a lot of teams in baseball going to do you want Aaron judge in that to spot? We can agree on DJ. Lemay you leaving office team. We cannot agree on hit and Brett Gardner second. I can't do that. But anyway continue. Okay. Well, the recent gory and they must second line. Don't go to somewhere else where you put 'em guarded because gotta speak. How about we? We. His. The problem with that John I got Aaron judge hitting me. I want guys on base and the story. I don't want guys given up pounds when you could potentially get on base. Aaron judge VN Aaron judge is fine. Where he isn't that to all. Forget about order. Forget about semantics for a minute. The more important aspect for her company, and what they really need to understand over the next few weeks. They gotta make sure more often than not the best lineup day in and day out is gonna be out there. And I get it. You've got to kind of handle to whiskey a certain way because the guy employ last year. He's had a ton of injury Stratus career tool whiskies dot playing sixty seven days a week. She's not happening is going to pay four days a week. And you'll take that going to have to live with a Tyler Wade or whoever getting some burn at least for the time being. Gary sanchez. I want him in the line of five days a week. And I'm even going to consider the of one of those days. I want to play. Top prospect. He's up here. Let's see what he can do. And I think it makes sense to leadoff DJ. Lemay you when you're in a lefty because then you could have Bret gone down in that nine hole basically being second leadoff hitter. Let's say to Farmingdale Lenny is up next on a foul is up Lennie Hagedon. I JJ. I have a couple of issues with the Yankees this anybody out dead. No. That the Yankees have won anything in ten years. Does anybody noted that since the new Yankee Stadium has been built that I didn't know say jinx? But like people are getting hurt plays a Catholic getting hurt. And it started with mock to share up his last year with the Yankees. He's the first guy that went down. He got hurt that all sin. It's like a roller coaster ride every year. every year in excuse with the yankees they're not a world championship tune to differ there i do right now the yankees are dealing with a ton of injuries steph five games into the year you telling me team that hadn't over on the number at ninety six and a half wins now five games into the year your opinion is this team's done any good this team has done a world championship team and one point on the stadium by the way and i'm not a big fan in this stadium i miss the old place i love the old place i grew up at the old place that said i got a poke a hole in your theory because the first year they open the new yankee stadium they won the world series that's fact opinion that's a fact so no i do not believe the yankees down the new yankee stadium a quote unquote stink why mark sharon derek jeter and d- made two thousand twelve thirteen fourteen yankees have injury problems because there were no baseball team that's why this current yankee team is not old dave had freakish injuries guess what the freakish injuries all the baseball trae turner trying to just broke his finger murphy broke his finger problem with the national park and colorado have you watched them nets civilized tylenol decade plus there's an old adage i can't say it on the air because i'll get in trouble by chapin's you guys figure it out does it take a rocket scientist to figure it out you gotta rise above that the yankees of their first five games what lackluster mouthing anybody would argue that but it's five games in one hundred sixty two game season there is an attorney left in this year and oh by the way the won the world series last year that's any division you've got to be the one five to say they want five let's say the fort lee new jersey i could powell leslie joins us oh john did i enjoyed last night team to break the yankees i knew the tiger distinct this year but you know what it never gets old beat you had a moment listen lastly that's what you look for when you're dealing with a lousy team that's what you look for when you know you don't have a whole lot expectation going into the air you wanna moment and now we'll see if they can provide you with another moment here on wednesday so much right the he was over to help peterson was he got the game double i mean he's opposite fringe minor leaguer new future with the tigers i mean the one guy i'm going to be interesting to watch today's matt boyd i'm expecting a big season out i'm taking fifteen minutes a love potential donnybrook last year even better yeah you looking for players like that leslie if detroit that's what you're looking for you walk in for guys digging and be a part of your foundation and the property tigers is during this weird predicament because they were pretty good for a long period of time they went all in on a variety of different occasions with the role donor mike illitch before he passed away and they signed some really bad contracts as dominant as miguel cabrera once was and he's a future hall of fame player miguel cabrera right now is a shell vote he once was you're paying cost thirty million dollars a year you gotta hope jordan zimmerman continues to pitch well why because if joins zimmerman pitches leslie with the dire need of starting pitching maybe you can get yourself out of that contract and get something in return i mean these things you want to do now if you the tigers moved forward you know you're not that good you know you still have a lot of work to do in the minor leagues develop players contracts out of there and no it's gonna take some time we'll see we'll tell the hopefully tigers win the series this afternoon but i to write down really pumped up this weekend i mean she can stay i tell you what no one thought this team was going to be good when they beat minnesota bundy spanked minnesota with their big men particularly aaron henry xavier tillman shined i said to myself maybe just could work and can duke and the dad there for big men coming through against duke henry tillman luke ward i mean they were fantastic i thought that was the reason why the pigment and i camp when did destroyed l._s._u. to myself he got a chance well they're playing great basketball leslie and they wanna game against duke not playing their best game they shoot the ball pretty well their physical team they have size and they have the sort of point guard that you love because he's capable of taking a game over and caches winston winston can take games over now they're going to be frustrated by the defensive texas tech that's going to be a good old fashioned rock them sock them type game the question is going to be can michigan state solve the riddle of a dominant texas tech defense that has been befuddling for a bunch of different teams michigan had trouble gonzaga certainly had trouble so can michigan state get enough fence and shoot the ball well enough to win this game i think that's what they're going to need to connect shoot it john i feel they can't remember the reason what.

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