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I don't think the run game is special without that advantage without that quarterback that you have to account for in the run game teams. Don't have to play them Eleven on eleven in the run game anymore. That's why the patriots run game was so good last year the year before that it was one of the you know i don't think it was. I think it was a league average. Run game last year was one of the best run games so i think that's the difference between whether the patriots offense is a lot better. This year are just slightly improved. The sound you hear is just me putting a sticky note up. We've one stephen cam reference check. I want to see. We got two days without a cam. Newton reference wife the chalkboard zero days cabinet references. Ceylan i wanna ask is the perhaps the second most interesting alabama quarterback in this game. He's the guy on the other side and dua. Why didn't really talk about. Because i i'm really soon that flora's defense and i think i have a lot of faith miami. This young think events would chipper. Why offensively they need to take steps forward. In the to a era you get new. England week one. No stefan gilmore. But you still get new england one i. How do we feel about the changes. They've made how we feel about who they brought around and what. They're supporting him with ken. This offense succeed against top defense is like the one they're about one and so that's the thing right. We know that they've addressed wonder deep threat. Issue i know willfuller won't be available for that first matchup but jalen waddell nother alabama product. There's twenty million of the mini nfl. But i'm still. There's about officer line. I mean i think it was branded thorne who a newsletter you know is actually awesome like very much informative about up the wind play but like the colosseum arthritis ringer. Nfl show listen on an offensive line fly newsletter. We want seriously. It's also it should check it out But he had his great. I guess. I don't know if i call it great. That's why pause like is is threat of austin. Jackson plays on twitter. You know few weeks ago. I think and it's just like this dude at this point in his career already doesn't look like he's a serviceable left tackle. I think you're actually wanted to the point that they should start. We mike bird at left tackle bed. And i do agree with that like they do. Need the try like the figure out what their configuration is. That allows to the. Have time the sebastian. I know again going up against patriots is probably not going to happen anyway. Like i think belgian co are gonna scheme up ways to keep him under pressure and keep them. You know from seeing the field to clear before priests now but I'm curious to see how they utilized. They're receiving core tied in unit. I wanna see a little bit more involved. I think that you know with to last season We saw the you know the dolphins offense at a really good job or i guess not job. They highway utilized tight ends They are one of the highest twelve personnel groupings in the league last year. And i'm curious to see you know how to take the next step in near to one. Having the deep threats like what you came grant with. Jim waddell on the field. How you're able to utilize the intermediate and target that. Because that was area of his game at you know alabama. It seemed like obviously obama. One has the better. Athletes has a better players but he always seemed to go to the right spot and allowed that was in the intermediate part of the field. And i feel like we didn't see him really targeted much last season. So hopefully having those options like you said ben like upgrading their off line or assuming. The odds of weapons allows them to do that this year. Yeah i think the the protection item is interesting. Because i think your optimal to offense has him releasing the ball like two point. Two five two point three two point three five seconds like he should be a league leader in release. Time and by leader made quickest. That doesn't make sense if he's very fast. Getting rid of the ball end. So yes austin. Jackson being really really rough hurts and not solving left tackle hurts with that said like i do think you're going to be probably a heavy. Rpo team george godsey eric's dudes the offense coordinator there which by the way also very interested to see how the whole co offense coordinator thing works. Brian florez one hundred percent of belgium's disciple because the miami beach have been like haley. Who calls plays by what we're not gonna say that competitive advantage we the way to give a tip off the other team. We call shut up ryan but anyways to see how that whole coetzee thing works But there it's going to be. Rpo habits what we saw in the preseason. We saw all right if you're going to be off cover on j. watt in the slot throwing a ball screens suck. It's jalen waddell. You know what i mean like. They're gonna take the easy stuff. So i am worried. About austin jackson but i do think that often salons a little underrated and i think that if you're in situations where you're asking to take deep drops and hold the ball and try to push the ball deep. You're already not barking up the right tree before you even kind of get to where the offense aligns at you know what i mean. So i'm more interested in seeing how this new england defense looks because the twenty nine nineteen defense. We saw the one that led. The league looked a lot different from the twenty twenty defense. And i think a lot of that had to do with what was going on the front seven inches fell off but we saw more zone coverage last year. We saw less blitzing last year. And now we're going into the year with gilmore. I mean there's a decent chance that he doesn't ever play a game for the patriots this year. I'm really interested in seeing how confident billet check is in this cornerback Without deal more involved. Is he going. To cross the line of scrimmage and have those blitz looks and blitz the hell out of and leaves corners on a on. An island is gonna play a bunch of tampa to like. He did last year I think in the same way like dak came back to the dallas offense. We were like oh right. Everything is conditional on this man. We're gonna get done to hightower back in the patriots defense. Be like oh wait hightower. is everything right like. he's just. He's a skeleton case right. He just solves problems for them. As i agree. I know you're really big on patriots. Defense being good this year. I'm all the way there. But that's because i've watched a lot more jalen mills than you have been concerned about that. But i do think right like this is a big defensive test. One off the dolphins off. We've we've never seen Eagles defensive back disappointed philly and then go on to have a good career new england. I can't think of a single one named eric. Rowe utah chung up. He started doing. That would doesn't count as much but also yes so that okay. Dave number three because eagles defence back makes me sad green bay. Packers playing the saints but in jacksonville. Which by the way the whole saint story about how they pick jacksonville looking up. Where flights were the most expensive for green bay. Packers fans is delightful. And i appreciate it Stephen this one's yours. I deem influx and then also a team with a quarterback i would like to put them in flats what you're looking for the saints offense. I mean he'd we know what the packers offense is gonna look like. There's some intrigue on what the defense is gonna look like. But i think that's the side of the ball we focus on for this game. Right it saints offense respects defense and what. I want to see what the offense is. Is this gonna look like early. Peyton and breeze. When they were talking the ball downfield brees was throwing a fair amount of interceptions. He was always in like the teens with his intercept. I feel like this is one of the most under appreciated things that people don't talk about right like we all remember brees of last like four or five years early. Pay in breeze saints. Were flame-throwers man. And so i. I love the fact that we're talking about this. Because i think people think that pay is not gonna know what to do. Ed he absolutely does. Yeah and i went back into the the football outsiders database. I went back to the old on the next pull this information their pay rates. This was the big change in it. Kinda changed after bountygate. They used to be at the top of the league and play action rate in two thousand eight six and two thousand nine. I two thousand ten eleven. Two thousand eleven fifth. And that's when bountygate happened and then after that they went sixteen. Twelve twenty fifth. Twentieth twenty-second twenty-third. Twenty four twenty eight twenty eight. I think that was more of a breeze. More than brees is armed. Falling off because armed really didn't fall off until the last couple of years i think it was more of a oath breezes..

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