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It north Tahoe our hospital in Truckee right now and last we heard he was undergoing emergency surgery search and rescue crews scoured the rest of the mountain with dogs after the avalanche they say they don't think there are any more victims a new issue involving the grounded Boeing seven thirty seven MAX ABC's Alex stone gets another software set back for Boeing sources are telling ABC news it during a software on it any issue with the Boeing seven thirty seven MAX software has been found to separate flight computers were not talking to each other at start up Boeing re wrote the entire flight computer software for the Max it's not able to tell ABC news have a fix will take days or weeks but that work is being done three U. S. airports will screen passengers arriving from central China for new virus that is sickened dozens and killed two CDC says will be taking temperatures and asking about symptoms of passengers who traveled from the outbreak city listening to ABC news our top local stories state business leaders say then you know after green it is good for Oregon details from eleven ninety K. E. exes Brad Ford the U. S. M. C. A. or the U. S. Mexico Canada agreement creates more balanced trade between the three countries are real products going to real people and real countries gemstone the executive director of the Oregon association of nurseries has tried to Canada and Mexico affects nearly one hundred fifty thousand agricultural jobs in Oregon and the new agreement will boost sales Oregon's dairy industry technology companies and small businesses all expect to benefit from the deal and historic pub on the sandy river is gone surely is Tippecanoe caught fire early this morning when crews rolled up about five thirty it was already too late the building was fully engulfed we did an offense of attack on it initially realized we were not gonna make a lot of headway that way that way back down in the water on the outside Corbett fire chief Dave.

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