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Here's what she does before she'll get in check license plate. And I always check the color of the vehicle, and if the person that's driving matches the person that's on the profile. Samantha Josephson, New Jersey native going to school in South Carolina got in a car. She thought was an over and police say she was killed by the driver who was not working for that company. So Jersey City mayor Steven Fulop is proposing making ride shares in his city have signs that light up on the dashboard displaying their affiliation. They don't know which car is their car easier and cleaner for passengers and four the cost maybe a hundred and fifty dollars. The mayor says Hoover hasn't yet weighed in but taxi drivers like Howard think it's only fair. Pocket. I hope they blow up cabs in Jersey City are plainly marked in Jersey City. Mike, sugarman, WCBS NewsRadio. Eighty remembering former South Carolina Ernest Fritz, Colin Holland's, the moderate six term democrat who made an unsuccessful bid for the presidency in nineteen Eighty-four has died. He was not seven university of Virginia political science professor, Larry Sabato, says Hollings made his bones, South Carolina. A very popular democrat in South Carolina, who was Lieutenant governor governor and US Senator and his niche in history is he was the longest serving junior Senator ever thirty six years under.

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