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Look good, even if it's not well lit, even if it's not accurate. They wanted to look good and Google nailed that an apple I am convinced could have done it and chose not to maybe they didn't think of it or maybe they actually chose not to. But I think that this is like an entire podcast episode in a nutshell. But I do wonder if that is behind some of Apple's decisions here where Google doesn't care. They're just making crowd decisions and apple cares, which is getting in its way. Which again, if you're somebody who cares about what apple cares about is great. I just questioned in a broad consumer product like the iphone with that might be the wrong the wrong approach to take. So I think the discussion around price was probably most keenly felt in the iphone category. So lean sim says apple needs to reevaluate its mocking strategy a monkey strategy that pricing is cost prohibitive for many people Moen man says I feel like I phones price Brel is developing some copious holes. Yep. Yeah. I mean, that's definitely one of the big stories of last fall is that people are increasingly uncomfortable with Apple's pricing, especially on the iphone and could we don't know could have been the issue that led to them getting really wanted to be with the phone sales. Yeah. We don't. Djamil into the ipad, a minus, no change. I it's very simple, amazing hardware nothing on software. I don't remember what I graded it as when I gave you my schools. But I remember you specifically pick that out when you surprised how I graded it. But it was because of this. I just think that this is the best ipod hot wet seven made put the software just that did nothing and it needs to do something. So Carolina Milanesi says the biggest issue ample has is perception of whether or not the I'm pro is as good as a computer mostly that perception is driven by software rather than hardware, which is they did some interesting hall with stuff they USB on it. But all the discussion was around the fact that you couldn't access an external on-drive people actually need to do is not the point. But it showed holes in the ipad. Yeah..

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