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All right, last segment. All right, I've never heard of Kevin McCullough junior until you posted videos on him on your Twitter. Is he, is he a guy that jazz should target with the 61st pick? That's funny. So Kevin McCullough junior is one of the best defensive players arguably the best defensive wing in this draft class, went to Texas tech, was kind of like the quarterback up there. They're tough physical, defense, and he is in this interesting situation because he has to clear for the draft, but he's also in the transfer portal. And he's like 6, 7, played a little bit of point guard. I shouldn't say a little bit, but he played point guard for Texas tech. I think defense is his calling card. I think that's the skill set that is going to get him an opportunity. And you look at the numbers, the numbers say that he's not a good shooter. But if you really, really take a deep dive into the numbers, he shot like 42% on catch and shoot situations from three so I mean, I think there's a chance for him to develop into a good shooter. So with all that being said, you thought does not have a pick. I forgot which trade they made where they don't have a pick. But they need defense. Especially on the perimeter. If you watch that maverick series, you just saw they could not guard Luca Brunson or Dinwiddie. I mean, just straight line drives to the basket. I don't know if the guys just really can't defend, or they know we have Rudy Gobert behind us. And as long as Gobert is behind us, then there's, I mean, he's always going to alter shots. And so, I mean, I think it's a combination of both, but yeah, I mean, I don't think Utah's gonna bring back the same roster, but mcculler is someone defensively that could come in right away and help the jazz. But man, I don't know. I don't know. I mentioned, I don't know what's going on with you, taught me. We'll see, but I can't imagine that team coming back next year with Donovan Mitchell and Rudy Gobert. All right, where do you have Josh Mina on your board? You know, that's a good question. So I had him into 30 and then I spoke with, I won't say the right, it'll probably give it up. But I spoke with someone that was around him a lot this year and he felt like Josh is my kale bridges two. He told me that he is 6 ten, he thought that he just has the potential to be an all NBA defender and his most underrated skill set, which I agree is his passing ability. So hopefully hopefully hopefully I can get an opportunity to watch him play live and just check out the shooting in person. But right now I have him in the 30s, but he could end up being a first round, especially if he's Mikel bridges two. I mean, there's a lot of value in a guy like Mikhail bridges. All right, next question. I'm higher on Kennedy channeler than most. Am I missing something? No, you are not. Because I like Kennedy Chandler also. I have him right outside the lottery. I think some people are going to hold it against him, that he's 6 foot, but he's competitive. I mean, I think he'll do better with NBA spacing. He shot a good percentage from three, another free throw percentage is a little bit concerning, but I really like Kennedy Chandler. I think at this point he is underrated. I think people are probably paying too much attention. To what he doesn't do, which, in my opinion, what he can't help is the size, but I think with NBA spacing, he is someone that can come in and attack the paint and just kind of collapse the defense and make plays. I mean, he could be like a dentist Schroeder type player. So I like Kennedy Chandler and I have him. Well, I had him at 15 on my last mic. Not sure why I have him next, but nope. You're not missing anything because we are on the same page. All right, which Baylor freshman will have a better career. Jeremy sohan or Kendall Brown. I don't want to sound like a jerk, but if I knew that, I would put all my money on the table. And make their prediction. I think I'm going with sohan right now. I was really, really high on Kendall Brown. I had him as high as number 5 at the beginning of the season. Maybe, you know, he gets that Scotty Barnes type battery in his back where he turns it to a more aggressive player in the NBA. But I mean, he just wasn't, wasn't as assertive as I would have liked, but that actually has nothing to do with him having a better career, but I'm going with sohan. I think sohan is a guy that sohan. I think sohan is a guy that's going to be able to play multiple positions. I think that he just brings a little bit more to the table as far as energy and assertiveness on the offensive end. All right, why do you think and I get this question a lot. All right, so why do you think probably bank Carol is a better prospect than shit homegrown? Because I feel like I give the ball to ballot to Paolo bank harrow and say go get me a bucket. I don't feel like I can give the bottle check and say, hey, we're down to go get me a basket. I don't know where to check really gets his buckets unless someone creates it for him. If he does create his own shot is because he got a rebound and shot a pull up three in transition, I think like no matter how well he handles the ball in the half court, I don't think it's going to really be much of an impact because he's going to have to absorb contact and I think a straight line drive to the rim once he gets a bump doesn't turn into a straight line drive anymore..

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