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Event is fans don't have kobe that they're saying bring into the conversation they're not saying oh and all those here but we love allesandro del piero more than him so he already has that and they have been in the championship final four years anyway so i mean so we're talking about a better career what lebron brings the lakers back and wins a couple of championships you venice has already won championship so what does renaldo going to do for them from a career standpoint if we're talking wouldn't that lean toward lebron then the lakers have been relevant for a number of years if he brings them a championship doesn't that change the tune so the champions league is the is the equivalent of the nba championship the lakers won five of them since he vent this last one how many they want lebron how many of the lakers wonder you vent this one the lakers along with lebron they've one zero times the lakers a place in the last how many years so my point is if he now brings the lakers back and wins an nba championship which you're comparing did a champions league how great is that first career then what can renaldo due to top that it's not called love if or shove if it's called will so you don't have to be a hypothetical think lebron will win any championships with the lakers absolutely not okay if he does that mean they'll have a better career then although does okay by helping them win a championship they've already one how many times to the lakers have won a million championships that matters the lakers have won a million chevy not recently no i'm saying the event this team now is are the champions their league correct yeah but that'll lake yes so rinaldo is going to a team that already is a championship team and and lebron's going to a team where they don't even make the playoffs let me finish my point i will i will say absolutely he'll have a better career with scientists because he's gonna make the league relevant again i mean not only is he gonna make you events this relevant he's gonna make the league that's that's the problem he's he's changed the dynamic for the entire league and lebron isn't going to do that for the lakers so i will i will love that all right disagree that's fine yeah manny machado won't be wearing an orioles jersey in next week's all star game a love it or shove it shove that i i don't think it will be traded before the all star game i will definitely get traded again the trade deadline is the end of july i do think i'll get traded but i do not think it will be before the all star game i kinda wanna love it to see what happens with baltimore's rats i love it because what would they do would they put another oriole in what you wear the orioles i mean how would this work i just wanna see chaos so i'm all in on chaos here i i want this to happen so i wanna how would you do it if he got traded tomorrow what would you do for the all star game tough luck orioles don't get another would be an interesting question i want to late how'd you chance muffin yeah i i'm in for the chaos there do we have one more time for one more fair yeah we got plenty more i'm here all day apparently the nfl's popularity is the main reason why the pga changed its schedule lovett were shove it out imagine we have to love that right i love it too they can say other reasons right listen let's be honest they realize it gets buried and is their playoff system that gets buried which is supposed to leap which they wanted to do because all the sports had a play football like the nba and all this kind of stuff so i think they realized let's fight our battles where we can we'll take care of business in august and then we'll start it up so i i love that absolutely i think that's the biggest reason why we both sure and you know what you love grainger other one are we done or we got one more gender reveals are dumb love it or shove it did you see the gordon hayward two daughters and they opened a box and more pink balloons came out for daughter and he a.

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