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A thirty million dollar construction project expected to support ninety four full time jobs Maria von image the former US ambassador to Ukraine who was abruptly recalled from opposed overseas will testify today in the second public impeachment hearing ABC news correspondent Kevin Karen Travers at the White House with how officials are framing her testimony trump remove Marie Evanovich from her position as US ambassador to Ukraine in may she told lawmakers behind closed doors that she was told the president wanted her Alex and a you cry Ian politician had warned her to watch your back during his July phone call with the president of Ukraine Mr trump referred to your vantage as quote bad news and said she was going to quote go through some things the White House says the president has the authority to choose who he wants to represent his administration overseas and your bondage was out as ambassador before the events that are at the center of the Democrats impeachment inquiry Karen Travers ABC news the White House and now with WGN community corners sponsored by diversity blood center of Illinois here's Brian Burwell prospects staple Bassey's flowers and gifts is moving the flower shop was founded at three oh three east evergreen back in nineteen sixty the year before mount prospect was incorporated it now stands at one hundred east northwest highway but will soon be moving to rolling meadows Linda seals a bus the family member and fourth generation owner tells the Daily held the decision to move was because of the possible redevelopment of the area but these flowers and gifts will re open at thirty four forty five Kirch off road I'm Brian Burr with community corners on WGN radio now with WGN sports here's Dave Anirudh morning was a rough night for Pittsburgh Steelers quarterback Mason Rudolph four interceptions in a twenty one seven loss to Cleveland but that's nothing compared to being hit in the head with his own helmet but the Browns miles Gerrity cowardly kind of pretty bush league.

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