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George Noory, we'll be back with Edward Humes in a moment. His latest book burned. We're talking about junk science. And of course, this nineteen eighty nine case where a mother was convicted of murdering her three children in a tragic fire tragic fire. Indeed. So we'll be back in a moment. We'll take calls next hour, by the way. Couple of live events coming up for you Everett, Washington. Columbus, Ohio, these tickets are starting to go like crazy now the closer we get to the dates the quicker. These tickets go the Everett theater in Washington. The event is Saturday March twenty third a couple of guests of the whole group. That is coming include the prophecy expert, John Hoge and will director Peter Devonport. So make sure you're part of that program. And we'll have a meet and greet after the event, and there's a live band, and it's just a fun way to become part of the show. You can get your tickets by going to a vent at coast to coast AM dot com. It's right at the top events, and then or the carousel real which is revolving there in the middle of the homepage. Or if you don't have a computer you can call this number four to five to five eight six seven six six that's four to five to five eight six seven six six. That's the Everett theater in Everett, Washington, then Saturday may eleven. Will be over at Columbus. Ohio in the Lincoln theatre for a live stage show, and we're looking forward to this. This is a gorgeous renovated theatre it's much smaller than ever, but it's really quaint, and you can get your tickets same way coast.

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