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Anything like that. But you. You know that he did the right thing. What I love about that, right. At the end he goes, you know, it doesn't mean anything we can't do anything for you, but five seconds before he tells them that he doesn't do it the way once gonna crush a skull, you're going to you're gonna get your skull crushed. And then you're gonna also. But if you do the right thing, never worked in this industry again. I'm like, all right. So I can't do anything for you. Store you before he said that, but you're gonna have a punch of people will matter that are going to be in power, not that we can do anything but have friends in power king there. That's, that's a lot of see. Why is a big CYA in there, which is Larry like I don't wanna play. But when we torched of novel, never heard about Bill Ayers and Bernardine Dohrn piggy notes. At least the his credit he asked it. He say, yes, the question about Ayers indoor in the neighbor, George tapping to start mccur his house. A lot of this is, is all going to come down to. I mean sometimes you just got to cut through the clutter. And as a lot of, you know, daily who's up who's down Joe, Joe Biden's up all of a sudden Elizabeth. Warren of beta bozo, Robert Francis down, and, and who's going to be the nominee, and the debates, I can tell you most people, I don't care. But most people are watching Donald Trump every week, they are watching the Democrats try and try night. Yet, fifth investigation also watch that they're not doing a thing for the American people that their sole obsession is rage and hate against the president. Yeah. Who let see the best job economy. We've had since nineteen sixty nine the best if it's Biden, okay? Even Democrats are afraid of Biden winning because he's a walking disaster and no energy, no new ideas. And he's part of a record put thirteen million more Americans on food stamps, eight million poverty. Doubled the national debt worse recovery since the forties to break jobs. John. Jobs all these American suffered. And now you got let's see the best, the Konomi, sixty nine job market since nineteen sixty nine record low unemployment African Americans Hispanic Americans, Asian Americans women in the workplace and youth unemployment. Let's start comparing. Okay. So now while they dropped one hundred fifty billion dollars on tarmac for rush for a rainy, mullah's now, rans a pretty sticky situation 'cause I believe Mike Pompeo, or secretary of state when he says the Iranians did this. But we're now in a position with we don't really we only get involved to the extent, we're going to want to get involved. Now if Iran starts to go nuclear, and we have compelling evidence that show such rans huge landmasses not a difficult. This is going to be difficult operation. But it might come time because we see something that never was possible. That is emerged in the Middle East where the United States. Always the friendship with Israel, the, the relationship with Israel's never, then the strong, and I've always said that prime minister Netanyahu, HR, Chilean figure, who's had the moral clarity out of out of pure Ness, the Cecil that he must have this strength. The iron dome, those strongest toughest military, the tiniest country, the size of New Jersey to beat back forces enemies, surrounding them on all sides, Lebanon. And in the Gaza in, you know, a Mazas Balaa the Muslim Brotherhood, but something interesting has happened. Well, the more see the former head of the Muslim Brotherhood wants to that Obama supported with billions of dollars and tanks and. And military craft. Yeah. That guy wants referred to Jews his descendants of apes and pigs. That's all Bama. Helped well, now we have general CC, and Germany while season power, then kingdom Abella Jordan, he's recognizing the real threat of Iranian hegemony, and the Saudis of recognized it and have a natural conflict, SUNY versus Shia with Iran and so that exists. The proxy war against Yemen has been totally and completely and utterly in Iranian hands. And we've known it just like proxy wars, like they killed Americans in Iraq and, and how they've been fomenting terror around the world, we know that. And there's a reason flat. Amir Putin, the hostile actor that he is supporting them and trying to align with them. You think of this opportunities threading needle where the United States Israel, the Jordanians the Egyptians the Saudis, the Emirates all have a line in a way that nobody ever saw coming or possible, which means there's a greater possibility peace in the region. We've ever had, and if it if it comes down to it and the Iranians are stupid, again, we're not as impacted. You can thank Donald Trump, that we are not as impacted at what is going to be happening, potentially in the straits Hormuz, as we once were because we're energy independent. That's, that's how important us all is. But it won't stop America's involvement. Because when you marry radical Islamic terrorists with nuclear weapons, you would even think that Putin the hostile actor he would see the wisdom in that. Putin has also now experienced the wrath of Trump with the harshest sanctions any president in modern history has shown Russia, oh with orders. Dole dependent on Putin. No just I just like the tape. I'm not gonna play but, you know, I just love Adam Schiff saying, and what is the new what is the nature of the compromise? Big to the negative, they can pick them down. And it's Putin. Putin. Of course, the Putin see the negative the Donald Tom. Thank picked it dope is literally, you know, doing what everyone said they were so outraged. When Trump said to Stephanopolous, if someone calls all, listen, if it's panel tell the FBI hypothetical, and it just such a bunch of hypocrites. But, you know, whoever the candidate is I have no idea. Most of them are beholden to this left wing, sick twisted, new green deal or some version of it, which would take America's energy, the lifeblood in eliminated in ten years oil, and gas. Meanwhile, immediately we go back to being dependent which would be dumb. You know, think of the power that America has because of all the natural resources and all the, you know, foreign policy decisions that it alters every question in our favor. Because then people will rely on us. We won't rely on them events. There won't matter as much to us. You know, the free flow of oil market prices, impacts everybody won't impact us if we really need to dig down deep and start moving quickly to have more production of energy and maybe to help one day our western European allies or other allies, and friends, and, you know, they don't get it. But where will the where will the the democratic nominee? Where's that person going to come down on energy independence ninety nine point nine percent? Certainty. They're going to go back to bureaucracy, endless regulation taxation, and destruction of energy independence. The lifeblood of our economy stupid with that be and with it, the, the millions of jobs for Americans, high paying career jobs that will literally lift like the tide comes in the standard of living of every single American that will get a job in that industry. Millions of those jobs and secondarily, it gives us the freedom to pick into choose such things, but where the Democrats stand up we know where they stand on open borders, a Walzer immoral. Let's tear down the walls. We have open borders, amnesty, the seventy percent tax rates. Marginal tax rates for individuals ninety percent. Marginal tax rates for corporations add to that wealth tax add to that. Medicare for all? No more choices in healthcare. Okay. Does Biden where do you stand on the border Biden? Do you think that ObamaCare keep your, Dr plan and save money did work out that way Mr. Bindu support Medicare for USA? Poor people having the choice of an independent healthcare system, and that's just the start and where do you stand on tax Asian? Well, we know Biden, we know where he stands, you know, Amazon actually took him on pointed out. They paid two point whatever six Bill billion dollars in taxes, and we pay every single tax that is there. But we take every deduction we can everybody seems to think attacks businesses you tax corporations, and you're doing yourself a good thing because they get all these breaks that we don't get. Well, I hate to tell you this, any corporation, that's taxed, they're going to not going to cut back on their profit margin. They're gonna pass it on to you. The consumer. We pay the tax, we pay the income tax just, like we pay the state tax, high tax state. Why is California Illinois New York? New York, New joy Z Y. They all losing population because they're driving people away. Rush bait. Good point that we picked up yesterday and played on TV, you know, why is it that you've got this incredible social crisis emerging in all these liberal big cities. Now, we've sent Lawrence Jones are Hannity correspondent out to San Francisco twice, and we send with LA also and you know, Nancy, Pelosi's district twice feces on the streets almost everywhere when you've needles and blood stained.

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