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Facts. But i have faith. While run franchise the figured out bring up green bag but i feel green bay and the bills whether similar teams are on two different trajectories. The bills are a team on the rise. Green bay is eventually within the next five years going to plummet. They're not going to win the nfc north anymore. Green bay is gonna run into a lot of cap issues if they keep all these players around Which if aaron jones comes up i loved soup bills. Take him didn't need to run game. That would be a good acquisition for them. The bills have no right. Which is unfortunate. I like devin. Singletary like moss even like antonio williams. He's a promising young running back but they don't have any consistency high. Saw kuypers got The bills taken naji harrison The in the draft at thirty. I saw that don't know how i feel about that. I mean he's high for running back when you could get one in the third round. But they've gotten two of them in the third round. Neither of them are every down back. That's what we've seen a lot of undrafted running backs like make their mark on the league. Let's see. I don't know i got faith back. What about stefan. Dick's that can go for two thousand next year gonna have a real unser. It's going to be crazy. He was insane this year. Next year is gonna be wild. I was so pissed. Everyone's talking about on the ghost picked him up. He was a diva. Here's a locker room. Cancer wasn't looking. You know he's gonna tear the team apart. But now he's been the exact opposite of that he's been an absolute the nicest person in the nfl swear to god. Yeah human josh allen. I'm going to get together at the function can have a barbecue. They're gonna chill together folks. She is a great time like when they gave that one post game interview. I think it was when they won the division or does after the last game and season. But i was just getting like some will ferrell stepbrothers vibes from those two. Like wait after the ravens game. Or i think it might have been after the ravens game. Actually dixon going through. This man works as a word off. It's like yeah you could..

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