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I watched it up close and personal in Detroit where we came within inches of losing a public school system for the kids of Detroit. She was on the other side of that battle. And now because she thankfully, she lost that battle. Although the schools Griffin detroiter terrible though this the schools in Detroit are getting better. Yes, they worked. They, they were not great, but the schools are with mayor, Doug in Detroit mayor was to the podcast a year ago, and he part of what he talked about was just how bad the schools but are dug in and we worked are working together to improve them. The difference is. You need, you need to be honest and have an honest assessment about what you know where schools are, and then you have to have a journey to improve him, then you have to have a roadway to improve them. All right. Last question here we talked about coming up through New York. Did you ever encounter Donald Trump along the way there? Yes. In what circumstances? Look, you know at different. I mean, I've often said that I never encounter. I I, I was at, you know, I was at lots of things when I was in New York, and I never encountered him at anything educational, like never at any of the educational things I was at. But you know, through civic things, I encountered him and it doesn't surprise me that he acts the way yaks because this is exactly how we acted in New York. We act you feel like the same. Some people see it as a continuing. Some people see it as something that spiked a different direction. Donald Trump has always been about Donald Trump and Donald Trump will say, and do anything that will help Donald Trump. He is an amazing salesperson. He can sell lots of, you know, he was an amazing salesperson in New York. You saw Trump name up on everything or on virtually everything, but you know, he, he. He is an amazing sales president. Is there any encounter that sticks out along the way? It's just that it's, you know, it's, there's, there's, I never had a personal conversation with him. I always traveled. You know, I spent a lot of time with a lot of the real estate guys in New York, but he was never engaged in any of the real civic work. You know if he could make a buck, you saw him there if he invited you over to the White House right now, would you go? Of course. And in fact, I asked for meeting because at the end of the day, this is about fighting for ensuring that people have a better life. And so of course you will meet with whoever you need to meet with to do that. You have to show up. We care. We fight show up, we vote, but that doesn't mean that you agree. This is really a who side are you on moment? So we asked for a meeting when they when Betsy DeVos put budget in. That cut every single summer school program in every single after school program and cut all the class size programs and all the programs for professional development. I asked him for meeting at that point. Of course, he ignored it. I also asked him for a meeting to give our views about what was happening in the aftermath of parkland. Since you know, our members actually both in parkland and in Newtown were killed in these tragedies. Kids were killed kids under our watch were killed in these tragedies, and we have a lot of expertise about what we thought and what we think should be done. Never been asked our opinion. All right. Well, you got to say what you wanted here. I guess Randi Weingarten. Thanks for taking the time. Thank you. So does she sound pollyannish to you? Do you think what she's saying is part of the solution part of the problem with what's ahead for American politics and government Email me an Isaac, politico dot com, and let me know. Thanks as always does act Stanton for producing and make sure you're subscribed and. Everyone you notice scribe and rate us to. There's an algorithm in there that helps get off message out to more and more people the more and better those ratings are. I just five stars and don't forget to follow me on Twitter at Isaac, their catch next time on off message.

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