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Have something. Now it's time for one of the damaged answers in Game show history. Roses are red violets are blue on our wedding night. My husband what We went to bed. This'll has been the dumbest answers in game show history back to you, Jason. Hey, truth truth. We fell asleep Are our wedding night, girl, please. It was like it was exhausting. Gosh, it's like, OK, I'm going to bed was it was an armadillo Take forever. It's like, thanks like, aren't you just so exhausted? I mean, it's like your wedding day. You're nervous about it. You get up. You probably can't sleep the night before And then you know, you have to go through meeting everyone as an introvert. I would be so I'd be falling asleep at the reception. I'm dancing all night. Oh, it was like, Yeah, out 6 48 chasing and Alexis in the morning. Okay, if you're looking for last minute gifts from Mom Alexis has a great idea. Right? Lex? Yeah. What about a Drake candle? You know the rapper Drake? I'm sure there's ah, now with celebrities are getting into this candle business after Gwyneth Paltrow. You know what? Her smells like Vagina. Handle. I'm sure in those sell out so quickly that he last December announced his line of candles, and he's doing something with Postmates in New York City, and L A so We can't quite take advantage of that deal, but you could still get his candles 50 bucks, and I think he's sound overwhelming. The the sense sound overwhelmed. OK, OK, so he has one called sweeter tings. On. It's an addictive I'm not touching that. I'm not. I'm not touching this. I'm not touching the sweeter things predictive nostalgic. It has subtleties of comfort in goodness, it has Burger Mont. Lemon peel. Dark voodoo rose, warm cedarwood and soft musk. Okay, That sounds like a lot that sound substantial that some substantial three of those and then save the others for another candle. Exactly. How about this one Williamsburg Sleepover like his name's What is this one? It's music to course, but it's a genderless and luminous floral, woody musk fragrance. It captures the essence of an urban garden under shaded lights. So we've got Rose Lily of the Valley Vetiver. Amber musk. Julie and Cedar Wood. That is substantial. That's a lot of sleep over. Sounds really like I'm not going to sleep it all exhausting. Yeah, we're just gonna go to bed. E don't want this. I don't. None of this sounds good to me. I've done all of this. Lex. You friend it well, right at the beginning. All of this sounds overwhelming. Yeah, It's just I. It's like, uh, it sounds like a Yankee candle store orgasm. Oh, you like them all up? Yeah. Yeah, that's a good point. Looks a fire walking by your right. It sounds like the Yankee Candle store is on fire. Yeah, Yes. Well, this is what this is. Morning. No, no. Yeah. What does that company But I don't want to put that in the universe. I don't want to Yankee Candle store to be on fire on you saying, But there was one. This is what it would smell like this is what it would be. You're so right. And it has a really cool, slick look. Solid color. It's like hand written the name of the candle so If you're a big Drake fan, this might be a good option for mom. Or if you want to overwhelm senses, or there's somebody there somebody you hate. There's somebody who hates because this candle is well, how about good thoughts? That's the last one. I want to tell you guys about rich floral, surrounded by a vibrant, bright light of freshness that captivates Captures positive energy. We've got Bergman Oil Balsam oil Ling Ling. Clove buds, Pimental Berries, sandalwood oil, patchouli oil, My gosh and sensual musk. Oh, no, that's a lot. That's too many ingredients. That's too many of them are just think it's too much done. It's like Let's make 20 candles and just divide up blood by two. I need you to go back in that meeting, and I need you to come back out with three. I just need three things and one candle. Speaking about Does anybody know Bea Arthur's address? I'm gonna win this. Which one? Should we send her the one with the most ingredients with most good thoughts. They were gonna send good thoughts. Good. She'll be so excited. Dawn. Did I read the sheet? Right? There's a woman with the had nine babies. This was this all at once. This was all at once. She's 25 years old. Her name is Halima Cease and she is from Molly. And, uh um Ali in Clinic when they found out she had so many babies, they said. We can't handle this. It's actually a poor country, so they sent her to Morocco, and she has had been under special care for about a month and a half. Cause they just knew they didn't have the they didn't have the means to help her give birth to all these babies, So they thought she had seven. And this is somebody who did not. I repeat. Did not do fertility treatments. That's what I was going to ask. No. So you know, Octo Mom, you know she did fertility treatments and she was the record holder. I guess if you want to put it for how many babies born at once, But this is without any fertility treatments. So you get a reality show. I don't know. But What? Go and she was having birth pains. And she This is 30 weeks. Um, that she started to have these pains. Um and she started bleeding, So they gave her blood transfusion on and then they ended up doing necessary in and they're just like pulling out babies and more babies. It's like a dog. Giving birth to puff pieces when you think about it, I mean, it's just such a little itty. Now they're all doing fine, and they range from £ pounds, But they literally discovered that there were two more in there when they're digging around getting the seven out there like Wait a minute. You have nine whenever they just discovered What it's like. What is it? A mobile home? They don't They found it in. They found it in the closet when you mean they found two more even though she was even if she was at the best hospital in the United States When you're getting an ultrasound, they're searching around with a little camera. Can you imagine how difficult it is? You're looking for heartbeats. I mean, you can't see you'd lose track or you'd be like, I don't know if that's another one, because it's not like they're labeled with number one. They probably had to make a chart and go one to go by and picked by wonder Poop. I was hidden by a shared room with all of you. No wonder she gave birth early. Can you imagine? Why didn't they just left only describe it like, and they found two more like her vigil. Like like her body's a California closet. Oh, I found those, uh, I'm hiding behind the lift. Yes, to be a little bit more serious not to get dark here, but she wasn't severe risk of losing her uterus or losing her life. And, um, and also, the babies could suffer physical and mental hand Andy caps. They're not sure yet about any of that, but so far We have nine live birth. Healthy. Good. Good. Good. Yeah, I'm just laughing at the report the reporter that ad and they found just the way they phrased. And they found tomb or Yeah, I mean, just like hide.

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