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The leader came out of retirement to return as interim chief executive officer while the company searched for a new chief executive last year the company says his departure from the board is part of a plan transition it is now 440 and time to check the bacon plumbing sports desk didn't see ox play the lions in detroit on sunday they have won't two members of their first team offensive line with them head coach p carroll says offensive tackle abe lucas was put on injured reserve and will likely be without their other offensive tackle charles cross because of injury uh... both hurt so we'll see we'll see how this goes uh... you'll see is be a little bit active we've already isn't here and uh... which is a remarkable thing itself when his twenties season forty one -year -old jason peters was signed earlier this week he most recently played with the dallas cowboys also played with the philadelphia eagles when won they the super bowl in the twenty seventeen season it's not known how soon the former all -pro will be able to play for the seahawks week two of the nfl season kicks off tonight in philadelphia the defending nfc champion eagles host minnesota the vikings on amazon prime kickoff is scheduled for five twenty t oscar single on the bottom of the fifth inning to lift the mariners to a three -two victory over the l .a. angels cal raleigh and julio rodriguez this also brought home runs for the ems in the series finale at t mobile park mariners end up taking two out of three games of series that their half game behind the rangers force the second american league wildcard birth and a game in half behind the ale west leading houston astros sports of ten and forty past the hour coming up in three minutes another on check traffic it's now four forty one it's katie here with neurostim tms summertime means barbecues lounging by the pool and vacations with your friends and family but when you're struggling with anxiety and depression those things can be impossible to enjoy good news neurostim

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