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I remember member TGI Fridays back in the day. I think that was my introduction to broccoli cheddar soup. And so when chef Michael was talking about, hey, why don't you make us some broccoli soup? I'm thinking. You know, I didn't wanna hurt his feelings. I I all right. Yeah. That's good. Let's not some broccoli soup. Then he made me this and he come over and brought in like a tea kettle, right and ported at the table. And I'm telling you wait to you is like unbelievable. And we ran it last year is a special last winter that how that was super popular. Everybody up to speed is. We haven't you know, we haven't chatted on here. And you know, you've got some great great staff here. Michael, coincidentally, your your one of your new shafts is his mother is. That's a funny story in itself. And I think that that all transpired since the last show did no, absolutely. Because he's been with you. What almost a year now or? Yeah. Yeah. Push push maybe nine months or so. Yeah. Well, I ran into Michael's mom, and she knows you she's a customer at Pismo the elbow room, and what have you and she says, you know, my son is terrific chef in New York. And you know, we didn't have he was he was a sous chef at labor did in. The number one seafood restaurant in the in New York City. I mean, the number one. Yeah. That's that's like, there's nobody nobody above you. And I think it was kind of interesting because I think you had been shown his resume at one time. The timing wasn't right. And I referred him onto you when I ran into his mom, and now, he's your rano Laura because that's right. Marina his mom had given. Marina of the recipe at five are not the recipe, but the resume, and so I I had reached out to him to New York and cinnamon Email, maybe I got the wrong, Email or something. Chef.

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