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Thirty children and one another chicken pox from an outbreak in the weeks before I got there but supporters of the plan say it's been a success because migrants are no longer being drawn to Texas with dreams of living in America for years while their case plays out well the corona viruses starting to impact the economy especially US companies in China Facebook and apple have limited the number of hours their employees in China are allowed to work and Google is temporarily closing its offices in Hong Kong and Taiwan Google is also telling employees not based in China to leave China this comes as the World Health Organization says the corona virus spread outside of China is of quote great concern no new cases have been reported in the US the total stands at five with several more being investigated the world health organization's international health regulations emergency committee will brief the organization's director general today we'll Han is ground zero in the outbreak that's now killed at least one hundred and seventy people and sickened more than seven thousand in China meanwhile in response to the outbreak the state medical operations center is now been activated in Texas the center will provide information from the CDC and answer questions from local health departments bush intercontinental airport in Houston and DFW airport are now ordered to screen travelers coming in from China well the defeat of a Democrat running for an open Texas house seat in the Houston suburbs is giving Republicans momentum going into the fall election GOP strategist Karl rove says it was a mistake for the Democrats to bring in a national figures Robert Francis o'rourke it is outrageous contra statement cooling Castro universal health care free legal the all of those kind of things we take on a life of their own he says that doesn't sit well with suburban Texan so this rate should be a road map for others running for office well here's something to think about when you're digging into it that bowl of walking only on Superbowl Sunday avocado growers once again airing an ad during Super Bowl Sunday but what it will not talk about is the growing involvement of Mexican drug cartels who are seeking their teeth into profits uncle Ernst an analyst with the international crisis group says the cartels make just as much money controlling the commodity as they do running drugs violence for seeing regions such as Peter Kahn which is sort of like a kind of central he says it's a double edged sword for Mexican farmers demanded means jobs but the cartels taking an increasingly bigger cut as they look to diversify Michael board newsradio twelve hundred W. a Y. R. U. S. border officials say they found the longest smuggling tunnel known along the US Mexico border it stretches more than three quarters of a mile from an industrial area in the city of Tijuana to about a half mile west of the tied mesa port of entry in San Diego the entrance to the tunnel was first discovered by Mexican authorities back in August with all the talk of super high medical prices a surprising number of hospitals are filing for bankruptcy Bloomberg's Leri Kaski houses and focus report a quiet crisis is unfolding for U. S. hospitals Bloomberg reporter Lauren Coleman Lochner says a growing number of filing for bankruptcy and many are closing and we expect more a lot of these hospitals treat the most vulnerable who are relying on government payments and those payments often don't cover the costs of care our data show at least thirty hospitals entered bankruptcy last year in many cases population trends are to blame in the case of rural hospitals where we've seen the bulk of these bankruptcies you you're simply losing population people are leaving rural areas there's not a lot these hospitals can do about that and in urban areas patients often gravitate to big name hospital and so it's very hard for these local and community hospitals to attract the number of privately insured patients that they would rule already this year the bankrupt owner of Saint Vincent Medical Center in Los Angeles said it plans to close after a failed sale I'm Larry Kaski Bloomberg business news radio twelve hundred W. O. A. R. the San Antonio Spurs snapped a three game losing skid with a win over the jazz last night the voice of the spurs bill Schoening has more in today's spurs report brought to you by big bit barbecue the store shot fifty six percent of the floor and got a season high thirty eight points from Martin Rosen as they snapped a three game losing streak by knocking off the Utah Jazz one twenty seven one twenty at the A. T. and T. center the spurs bench outscored the Utah reserves fifty four to forty as Patty mills scored eighteen the jazz replaced by Donna Mitchell's thirty one point guard Derek white called a much needed when the spurs will play their final home game before the.

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