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If you are in that time of life that you need to keep track of these things or not somebody else who is highly recommend checking that out and we'll have the link in the show notes but if you want to learn about self-managed abortions and how do it safely that's a great resource and i strongly suggest you read the book. The history of jane which is about the gen collective in chicago that provided safe abortions in the sixties and the whole point was that we wouldn't be having this conversation that we're having now and yet here we are and so. My final call to action. Is a meadow called action. Because nothing's going to change in texas. It's not going to be saved by the fifth circuit court. It's not to be saved by scotus. It's going to take voters and georgia turned around mean. I'm gonna i. I like data. So i looked up. These numbers on on census dot gov in two thousand sixteen texas had seventy eight point. Two one percent of the Voter people that are eligible to vote by age. Okay registered to vote great number. Georgia only had sixty two percent and they had a purge in two thousand seventeen. And that's when stacey. Abrams started working on this stuff. And in that time between two thousand sixteen twenty twenty in twenty twenty texas which had also had voter drives had seventy eight point. Five one so three-tenths. They went up three tenths. Georgia went up to ninety two percent. That is pretty amazing. That is pretty amazing. So so I'm a big big believer in voter rights and and very involved with black voters matter who just moved into texas and they stayed out again. Texas exceptionalism gotta tell you it was hard to find organizations that we're going to work with them and they they are they. Black voters matter prides themselves on being grassroots driven and reaching rural voters especially getting people registered to vote in texas. So if you want to be involved in that and you don't live in texas. I still send out. I still text bank. I text bank through movement labs. I text bank through black voters matter. You can register at their website. You can write letters. Says write letters. Vote for vote forward and they're working really hard in texas and that's going to be the key to changing texas. I know a lot of people are like. Oh it's gerrymandered and it's voter suppression and gerrymandered doesn't matter as much in statewide elections the voter suppression does and what they had to do. In georgia to change things was overwhelming because voter suppression isn't like we're just going to keep twenty percent of the people from voting. That would be too obvious voter. Suppression is a point here point there and so the point is to overwhelm them. Yeah i mean it's closing apologize location. Here it's banned drive thru voting. It's banning twenty four hour voting. It's what they're doing georgia. They've created these new vote. We'll talk more about it but new voter. Id requirements and then they closed a lot of Motor vehicle department motor vehicle office same time in in the black belt. What's known as the black belt. So i it's it's key to it and in before anybody goes well look.

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