James Mattis, President Trump, WGN discussed on Dean Richards' Sunday Morning


My hope is that in like one hundred years when somebody writes the one hundred year anniversary of WGN story, and they tell the D naughty stories about all of us at WGN Christmas parties. You're gonna have a whole chapter. I think stealing some paper house staplers that's the race. That's the thing. I ever did got other celebs doing drugs onstage paper cups. This is very own seven sticking around. Well, we'll see. Not chasing off the audience early. Chicago's very own seven twenty WGN Chicago, and you can hear the sounds that matter with the top five at five from row Konin on a devante weekday afternoons smart speaker users say play WGN radio on tunein news. Sponsored by sprinkler fitter, Chicago dot org with latest. Dave, Sean, mostly sunny and forty seven at O'Hare high school freshman was found dead in an alley close to his home last night in the Austin neighborhood. Fifteen-year-old? Anton Shaw was found close to his house in the eleven hundred block of north long shot in the face. No suspects are in custody. President Trump is telling CBS is sixty minutes. There are some people in his administration that he's not thrilled with, but doesn't know whether Defense Secretary James Mattis is leaving the administration soon, he says he hasn't told me that those are President Trump's words also adding he has a very good relationship with Mattis on sixty minutes. The president dismissed reports of chaos in the White House's fake news saying he's making modifications changing things around element titled. I people now on standby that will be phenomenal. They'll come into the administration secretary Mattis has dismissed reports that he was planning on leaving anytime soon the Saudi stock market dropping more than six points of nearly seven points today after President Trump threatened severe punishment over the disappearance of Washington Post columnist Jamal Khashoggi. This drop was reported today in early trading in Saudi Arabia in that same interview on sixty minutes tonight. The president said that they are going to get to the bottom of the disappearance of Yogi, and there will be severe punishment. If possible. With the lack of cell phone service, making it impossible to know, the fate of people unaccounted for in Mexico Beach, Florida. Search teams are continuing to go through the ruins of buildings in the wake of hurricane Michael. The death toll across the southern US. As a result of the storm. Now stands at seventeen a suburban steel company is pitching in to help the victims of Michael s Mark steel has been collecting donations all weekend at their facility in Chicago heights. Jeff Eggert with us. Mark says they're taking donations bottled water toothbrushes, batteries and sleeping bags. It's.

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