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Mike yesterday. Professor rx levinson. Who is professor of economics at georgetown university. He's known for his defeat of energy conomic and glad middle economics. Welcome thank you nice to be here. Thanks for doing this. I wanted to start with one of your earlier. Peoples in two thousand one the simple analytics of the end blind mental kushner's curve in which you say evidence suggests that some pollutants photo an inwards u-shaped pattern ltd two countries incomes edition. Should that has been called an environmental kusners curve. So this this idea eric. I know much about this. Obviously so the. The low income countries have consumption and cans low put pollutants level in high income countries white consumption but the technology to take care of that. So the clarity sort of stuck in the middle who is creating the pollution is is that true. I think that You kept you you. You captured it. Pretty well The idea goes back to the early. Nineteen nineties when Some researchers at the world bank noticed this pattern that in the early nineteen nineties data was first starting to come in at about pollution levels all over the world and researchers the world bec noticed. The poor countries don't have much economic activity and so they don't have much industry don't have many cars since they don't have much pollution. The middle income countries are the ones that were industrializing and getting worse and worse. Pollution and the richest countries in the world like the united states and japan and northern europe didn't have much air pollution and clean water and that was a On one level that was a a revelation because before that there was a sentiment among a lot of analysts that economic growth and environmental degradation went hand in hand. And so if we're gonna solve the environmental problem we would have to slow economic growth. Yes this documentation of this patterns showed that at least on the surface. That wasn't true. But as you intimated in your introduction this could be for a lot of reasons it could be that poor countries make a mistake and they have bad policies and then they they fix it. Your you know some conservatives pointed to this pattern and said oh this is evidence that that clean up automatic and all we have to do is get rich. And then the environmental take care of itself.

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