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Near record highs Tomorrow we'll see mostly cloudy skies and a high 63 to 67 Thursday partly sunny near record breaking highs. Once again, we'll see high Thursday 62 to 66 I'm AccuWeather's Drew Shannon News 93.1 kfbk. And we're showing 55 in Sacramento, 57 in Roseville and 55 in Rancho Cordova. Business and Money News now Kelly brothers from Genevieve's, Burford and Brothers. Good article. The Wall Street Journal this morning about people coming up with a fake commute. People who are looking to Mark that demarcation line between real life and work, including a sales consultant in Sacramento actually drives into downtown twice a week to get coffee at his favorite coffee shop and then drives home to begin his work day. That's what people are doing, whether they're driving to a coffee shop or taking a walk around the block or doing something to mark the difference between home life and work from home. Market overall today, a little bit higher, bouncing back Despite all the political unrest and machinations that are going on in D. C. The Dow is up 60 points and 31,068 NASDAQ up 36 13,072. Yes and P up one point Gold down seven and 18 44 announced. 10 Year bond Yield 1.13% All right, our thanks to Kelly Brothers, therefore, 53 KPK President Trump went to the US Mexico border in Texas today as the White House team wants to highlight the president's accomplishments. In his four years in office. A B C's Alex Stone has more on that visit. Yes, for Katie. This is the first time that we've seen the president live in front of a crowd since the riot of the capital and On his way out of office he's dealing with his presidents typically do especially when they go to the border. They was met by protesters. They're not very amped up protesters as they continue to chant there, But it was a trip that the White House was planning is kind of a goodbye to show off with the president has gotten done.

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