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Wilkerson the native of mark as recently as a couple of years ago as an eighteen year old was ranked the yankees number nine prospect here's the three two and that is wide for all four back to back to out walks from debris gotten gun shy since giving up the home run to jason lopez to one as the spotlight turns to swallow cabrera dog chef john done an excellent job on jumping on starters this year as before this thing gets out of hand now the pitching coach for the firefly's jonathan hirst is out of the dugout the talk with tony debris oh charleston has scored the lion's share their runs in the first three innings this year fifty rather eighty five hundred and ninety nine this year short over forty percent of their runs in the first three innings they have gotten off the plenty of hot starts this year promised bennett finishing late soaring over the final third of the ball were until recently they haven't really done it very well only scoring fifty five or one hundred thirty percent of their runs this year in the final third but they've done it for the most part in this series fourteen runs in the seventh eighth and ninth combined over the last four games had a late come from behind rally on thursday night against these firefly's she would rally park to steal victory in that series one three two two was just the second time they came from behind to win when they trailed after six show with her back in the dugout debris will send one home towards cabrera up above his helmet for ball one a rare grounding out to second against brel in the first he has to hitch now in nine at bats against the columbia right handed swing a fly ball drifting out to right we'll have shy of the trackwork do has it into his reach to end the inning two pitches to waldo cabrera no further damage for the dogs they get enough to take the lead solo home run by jesus lopez and it's one nothing charleston is we have the bottom of the third misses the home of for charleston bugs baseball the.

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