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With Michael Rose. Inside of you with Michael Rosenbaum was not recorded in front of a live studio audience. I'm with Matt ballet. Yes. Is that? Correct. Balassa LSI. Yeah. Because it's spelled B Beleza. Yeah. Right. It is spelled how it sound how many people f- your name up. I could say fuck, but I said f I used to used to get like Bella sorry like they would just add letters in. Yeah. But yeah, it's gotten better. It's gotten better Bill aside. Yes. What what's your middle name Lewis? Matthew Lewis Bella Cy? That's what's the worst name you've ever been called. I like variation of that. Or just like what slur? I'm sure there's been some hurling I've been hurled negative things in my life on on the Bella sign. I just I was saying telling someone as I went to Spain. It was like the first international trip. I've taken and the Spanish man said that my name, it means beautiful woman that he'd never heard a man named to that before. And he said it to me expected like I was supposed to like apologize that I had been parading around with this name. So he he was insulted. It's your last name was I was like, you don't have a woman. I'm sorry. That's my name is like why is this your name? I I don't understand. I was like I don't. Yeah. He was expecting a beautiful woman. And he got me I've ever been in dragged before Matt I dressed for a picture as a Dell. And I just looked like my mother. That's the closest I've gotten to dress. Isn't that funny? How you say you, look like your mother did a movie that no one saw called sorority, boys. And I was in drag one of the many times I've been in dragging a lot of people question my sexuality. Sure. Just fine. I'm comfortable with my sexuality. I just don't care. I've kissed guys before, you know, theater class back in western Kentucky. We had a room the whole the whole theater department got together. And we played a spin the bottle or something and guys said the kiss guys in order for girls to kiss girls. And I I kiss them dies. Sure. I remember Matthew Simmons had a soft tongue. I remember. Yeah. I remember certain things. Yeah. I really missed out on theater class. I guess, but I remember I've always I've done movies in drag. I've I think I've been dragged two or three times movie called sweet November with Ken Reeves. And I remember right after sorority, boys. My mother called me elated and she said, Michael, oh my God. All my friends say you look exactly like me in drag my. That's not a compliment to your mom. Yeah. I'm a man. Yeah. I think so. Yeah. Dressing as a woman fine. Looking like your mother, not why don't we look like our mother when we're in drag. I think it's because you have this you ever, I think everybody's sort of wonders like what would I look like as the opposite gender, right? And the answer is always your mother. Yeah. Yeah. That's kind of a scary thing because my mom, you know, she she was always heavily Medicated. Right. Sure. I don't know if that has anything to do with it. But you know, she used to do. She get old looped up on. Pirker sets. And I think it was Percocet sets back maybe just valium and do these imaginary snow angels and the carpet living room and just kind of my dad would be yelling at me, and my mom, would we believe melamine not everybody can be as smart as you as as he's helping me with my pre-algebra..

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