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O p an 11 0 wait, get a drain cleaning for only $99 traffic and weather on the Eights and Rita Kessler in the W. T o p Traffic Center. We still have delays in Maryland on the North bound the Baltimore Washington Parkway after 1 93 or Green Bell Road trying to head to powder Mill Road. This is a slow moving street sweeping crew. They are along the right side of the road way They're going to head all the way to 1 75 before either, calling it a day or turning around in the South. Founded direction South bound to 70 before 109 was a report of a vehicle fire also 301 year Heritage Boulevard in Ballpark way That was a report of a crash. Westbound Shady Grove Road after Briar Dale Road was a report of a broken down vehicle and on the westbound span of the Bay Bridge. The left lane of three is blocked with the work in the district. Watch for the delays in both directions of the Southeast Southwest Freeway, trying to head into the North bound third Street Tunnel. Just after you get into the tunnel, there looks to be a crash. Also, deal you might find. You lazy their way on 3 95 trying to get across the 14th Street Bridge north. That is because of a work So at the beginning of the bridge along the right side delays at a crystal city south bound. There was a debris cleanup going on colors. A reporting concrete debris dropped in the right lane South bound 3 95 before the 14th Street bridge suggest use caution passing through there. No problems along 66 in either direction. 95 looks good. Either way, if you're on 28, it is North bound after Maplewood drive the right lane. Locked with the work window. Nation wants to thank you. DMV E for sticking by them this year with free windows by two windows Get two free house of Windows installed for his low is $2 a day visit window nation dot com. I'm Rita Kessler. W T o p traffic. And now to storm Team four meteorologist Lauren Rickets Windsor staying breezy, but as we continue through the middle afternoon and into the late afternoon, they'll die down. Light winds overnight.

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