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Michael Jordan. Early 19 nineties Signed and framed 16 by 20 photo upper deck authenticated, which that's Predict authenticated air typically the best Michael Jordan autographs next. Now This has been spoken in the past of this one. So if we remember 1992 a league of their own receiving bells, movie costume number 46. Warned by actress Janet Jones. Mrs Wayne Gretzky by the way, and the last item Harrison Ford autographed 16 by 20. Raiders of the Lost Ark Set photo, which is framed. So Jon Drummond which ended higher of those will you got everything feel of available today, But we're all over the board with this good. I can't even keep track of that. But I'm gonna do something where I know the Jordan. Everybody's gonna go with Michael Jordan. I'm going over the league of their own the uniform drum and going with the league of their own receiving bells movie costume. Okay, Let's see who's next. I think it's Tyler because Nancy Huggins is solidly in first place right now I go with the Jackie Robinson signed ticket. Tyler goes with the Jackie Robinson single sign 1971 American Airlines Golf Classic ticket. And Nancy Huggins. It's up to you. I'm gonna go with hair. And since Ford Harrison Ford. Nancy Huggins picks Harrison Ford, Okay, poor events. I'm gonna have to give him a couple of shots at at some points next week, a couple of bonus things. Okay, Here's the items from Lowest to highest, The lowest of these four items. Woz Harrison Ford Autograph 16 by 20 Raiders of the Lost Ark Set photo framed $450, okay? Uh, third highest Jackie Robinson single signed 1971 American Airlines Golf Classic Ticket $1600. Second highest Michael Jordan, early 19 nineties Signed and framed 16 by 20 Photo UTA authenticated $2200 in the first item, Jon Drummond Dan's room and pick up Boy that must be a genius with a league of their own Racine bells movie costume. John, you need to go buy a lottery ticket. Yeah, that I think I will like $2300 that went for so that moves yard for why? Nancy Huggins says still in first with six and Tyler slash Eric. And Jon Drummond are tied at four. So it's still a battle going on here now. Jen Drummond before we let you go, Um what? What would you say? You've been a golfer in the Chicago area. Do you have a favorite or more difficult course like that. In your mind that you've played at? I think the toughest course I ever played Was that Bull Veli? That is in the Chicago You're talking about up in woods, yet. It's a private club, but they had the cone Fitchburg fairways of a lot of water the traps long ago That was a tough course. I think that's the toughest course I played in this area. I never played Madonna that Madonna, where they played the tournament on. He's that much, but When I played that that bull Valley was awfully tough, well, and by the way, if we played a match play, and I got a 69, that would have been my clone plane That wouldn't have been making 60 that giving, you know. Okay, you lessons you'd be able to get the car to 69. Maybe. All right, well, We're already up to the next break here. Thanks for joining us. John and Nancy will talk to you both next week. Have a great week week. Everybody hang in there now because after the break, Sam Smith will join us so and then there will be right back. Are you looking to cash in? And all those years of collecting consigned your collection today with the experts at Huggins and Scott auctions as the fastest growing auction company in the sports and Americana.

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