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So tiffany's top business lessons from the Teddy Riley and face the buckle number one be prepared. This is low hanging fruit okay. We give a shout out to spice at like God. Bless him because I have laughed all weekend from his video. He had somebody prepared in the moment. Real time he pouts on the Bockel so that might be one of the funniest viral video vaccine all year. Maybe a couple years watched no less than ten times and just die every time you know I I steal while she was on the phone with me and she was dying from me. Die Laughing from watching that Ati Times Monday. Come they will get in. Tiffany also says especially as a black person we often don't get a lot of forgiveness for mistakes. Always take the time to prepare especially before going before large audiences or senior leadership. Check the details. Make sure your tech works. You have your key talking points down etc like all your ducks in a row. Auger T.'s cross. Is that in? Make sure you're ready to execute flawlessly. So listen I have a funny story because this for Blackley this thing Israel so when I was my last Gig had four bosses my last year. And what are these bosses? We'll just call him mediocre Bob. So we're doing this presentation in front of the CMO in her leadership team. And I get there early on dress and I'm just backup right because I'm the manager on the teams on backup in managing my boss. The director so mediocre Bob Stroz in about less than five minutes before this meeting supposed to start and he goes to hook up his computer and shit. Don't work and at the time I was reporting into a black senior director which was my boss's boss. And this Nigga coast whisper in my ear and he said talk. This shit happened to you from like lay. Only grow your intially. Kitchens Lipids Shit happens to you. That is what he won't. I'll never forget this my because it was like we were I. It was the CMO was going to be in there all day. They had back to back to back to back to back teams coming in and out like in the whole day with like thirty minutes behind right. It was bad by people. They cut lunch sore so they could make up the time like it was just not the way to start your day right so afterwards in the afternoon because we went. I I go to Mediocre Bob and I say so. Hey let's talk about how you felt the presentation win win. Great you know looks like the. Cmo's she was very engaged. Team the asking questions like I think they really were aligned with our strategy Blah Blah Blah. You know all the positive things white been say and then I say so. What about the technology like you don't you don't think anybody's? GonNa `Cau- you in office on or anything. He was like. It wasn't my fault that the tech wasn't working. I mean they had to call. We had to call the tech people to get it to work like. That's not my fault is literally what he said. As if like there's nothing he could have done about it like there was nothing like it just stuff happens now. Just these is just. Don't know what to tell you like. Everything isn't.

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