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Health are suffering, because of congressional limitations VA can provide the dental he needs through our William see one vet program. We focus on helping US military veterans Mitchell. Now, we are seeking more general dentists, and specialists to donate treatment to at least one veteran with special needs. When you volunteer with the program to see one vet me handle the details of some focus on the care. If you are a dentist or no dentist. Please share this message and help us make a difference in the life of veteran in need. Visit will you see one vet dot org to learn more? That's Lucy one vet dot org. Hi, I'm Jay Farner, sealed Quicken Loans, thirty percent of Americans who are planning. The home improvements of five thousand dollars or more pay for those renovations, with a high interest credit card that may not be a great idea, a better idea maybe to take cash out of your home with a Quicken Loans. Thirty year fixed rate mortgage, the rate today on our thirty year fixed rate mortgage is four point one to five percents. APR four point two two percent. Call us today at eight hundred quicken or go to rocketmortgage dot com shaping eight thousand feet or this offer. Number thirty, I'm rock Bono. Founder of untuckit. We started on tuck it because we couldn't find search that look good untucked. That's why we created the perfect untucked shirt, so guys can look sharp and feel casual untuckit search for just the right life. We have fifty fit combination. So tall short, slim, and bigger guys of all ages can look great in untuckit shirts. Try the original untuckit shirt, at one of our fifty five on tuchus stores or at untuckit dot com. Use the promo code spring for twenty percent off your first purchase. And welcome back.

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