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And up until that point and and with farai with variety i i and i'm not not interested in women's journeys and female characters but i've i really put everything i had interval righty and then after that i made a film called luminous motion starring debra anger an actress who i fell in love with from having seen her and david finshers the game and david cronenburg's crash and somehow she had been like they're muse and i was interested in well but what about me you know like can i have a female muse in in in in so of it was the story about a mother and a son who lived a kind of a moral life on the road in her in their car and she and her son were like you know bonnie and clyde she'd steal money from the men she picked up and that was how they live but she loved her son and she wanted to do right by him so again it kind of crossed these boundaries she she was a great mother yeah and and yet you know so she you know and and i felt like father's always got away with a whole lot let i had just seen polish raiders movie afflicted and we love nick nolte and he's abusive i said well why can't a woman stepped off the path and still beloved like that you know so again i feel like i'm always you know putting myself into a territory i think it's because i'm punk rock subversive eternally subversive yeah i am i am and i'm always looking to sort of make trouble and kind of subvert or come from within so hence comes handsome harry and this film.

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