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Michael mcdowell you're you're driving the move it up does it in your drive in the defeat of your case case uk you have to drive defensively your your whole strategy is out a block what's common no question that's what he did down there earlier in the ago away with that last restoring hard to hurt his crew you've got to beat him in what is your atabani is not you got beat him in the what you got to be off to the best route the big advantage for cain no he will be the control car on the start he cannot be beaten to the startfinish line if cut keselowski does that could because her spirit stars though the lose to remember this is a little different than than the start of the race if he spins his tires in the two card is not go two quick saying that the if the bob carr launches in his tire spear also the to eat hit having beaten back and finished does not matter less rise of almost all the right well we're going to go into overtime here at the end ian hapless motor speedway the brickyard four hundred lights go out on the pace car and we're watching right now it'll be case chicane read kids laskey trevor bayne did hamlin michael mcdowell and v six seventh matt kenseth a killing look on a ninth kevin harvick content daniel swore wrist dillon level twelve benedetto 13000 dilip pall menard fourteen air cover all fifteenth lanta castle sixty th ryan bleeding seventy chris pusher eighteen nineteenth kollwitz with an aj home to the police what real quick what we talk about as you go further five car to the.

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