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No well king and I'm Rachel Martin good morning this country is opening its eyes to racial injustice in any way Congress is responding and president trump has been under pressure to say and do something and an event in Dallas yesterday he said it's only a few police officers causing problems the proposed not defunding departments but investing more working to finalize an executive order that will encourage police departments nationwide to me the most current professional standards of force and that means force by force with compassion but if you're going to have to really do a job if somebody's really bad you're going to have to do it with the real strength real power so what does that mean in terms of actual policy we've got White House correspondent Tamera Keith with us good morning tam good morning tell us more about what the president has proposed yeah there's not a lot of detail there's mostly broad brush goals here like reducing racial disparities in health care and offering school choice on policing Republicans in Congress are working on a plan a policy response to the legislation that house democratic leaders have put forward I'm and it's not clear whether president trump will endorse what the Republicans come up with he talked about this executive order but will probably need to see it to understand what he means by encouraging professional standards or supporting pilot programs for social workers to go out with police but he did make it clear that he does not think there is a problem with systemic racism in police departments he described it as a few bad apples and more broadly on matters of race trump said that you can't heal the country by labeling millions of people racist and he also then said that solving these problems would go quickly quickly and easily so of this discussion and dollars happen before a campaign fundraiser he's officially back on the trail and his first rally since the pandemic struck is going to be a week from today in Tulsa Oklahoma which is controversial explain why you're there a few reasons first of all Tulsa is the site of a racially driven massacre up at the studio city is still reconciling with a hundred years later it was June nineteen twenty one the neighborhood known as black Wall Street was destroyed by white mobs the rally also lands on Juneteenth a holiday that marks the anniversary of the last slaves in America finally being told they were free but Tulsa's Juneteenth festival had to be cancelled this year due to a coronavirus concerns and although Oklahoma has a relatively low case load with corona virus the president's rally is going to be in this arena that holds nineteen thousand people and in fact at the campaign is asking people to click a disclaimer when they get tickets saying that they understand there's a risk of exposure to corona virus and then they will not hold the hold the campaign or venue liable then just briefly a ten percent trump is moving his Republican National Convention speech what happened yeah Charlotte wouldn't let him have a you know a big event without with Matt without masks he wanted no social distancing so Jacksonville's gonna let him have the big party and Charlotte will get the the business of the convention all right we'll have more on that White House correspondent Tamera Keith thank you you're welcome president trump's relationship with military officials is getting more complicated yesterday the highest ranking officer in the country apologize for being part of president trump's entourage on June first as he walked across from the White House to a nearby church for a photo op this was after security forces have used chemical irritants to clear out peaceful protesters from the area chairman of the joint chiefs of staff general mark Milley walked with him and now says he shouldn't have my presence in that moment and in that environment eight a perception of the military involved in domestic politics as a commissioned uniformed officer it was a mistake but I learned from general Milley made those comments in a recorded commencement address to the national defense university yesterday Robert gates was the secretary of defense from two thousand six to two thousand eleven I talked with secretary gates yesterday ten days after president trump suggested using the insurrection act which would have let him use the full military not just the National Guard to respond to protests I asked secretary gates if what he saw on June first was an abuse of presidential power I don't know that it whether it was an abuse of presidential power it certainly was in my view misguided and a bad mistake in terms of pushing away peaceful protesters hi I do agree with my former colleagues opposition to the invocation of the insurrection act I think that would have been a mistake obviously the president has the authority to use it but it would have been very analyze because of the demonstrations about racial injustice that are happening right now the Pentagon is considering changing the name of several military bases that bear the name of Confederate generals Fort Bragg Fort Hood Fort Benning just to name a few do you think it's time to change those names I think so yeah I did see that the president has come out against any change I agree with the secretary of defense Caspar and the secretary of the army Ryan McCarthy that we should entertain changing the names of those of those military facilities and it's always puzzled me we don't have a fort he Leslie says grant or or a war of military facility name for an African American medal of honor recipient and and I think what what we see today is a movement to remove the symbols of the confederacy that celebrate it as opposed to an understanding it and remembering in retrospect do you wish that you had pushed to change those names when you were secretary we were involved in two active wars when I was secretary of defense I just think that I think that there comes a moment in time when things become possible and people ought to seize that moment when it presents itself I think this is such a moment a man you will know marine corps general and former secretary of defense Jim Mattis wrote this in a statement released last week Donald Trump is the first president in my lifetime who does not try to unite the American people does not even pretend to try instead he tries to divide us do you agree with that statement I think it's so just a reality that that this president has not seen it as one of his priority is to try and bring people together either in general or in response to the terrible events whether it's the pandemic or the response to to George Floyd's death I it's hard to disagree that this president is a divider is not the only one in American history but he certainly has taken it I think to a level that we haven't seen in quite a long time so I in that respect I agree with Jim Mattis do you think Donald Trump has the judgment necessary to serve another four years as president well I think I think that there's a distinction to be made between what he says and what he does for example I was I supported his outreach to Kim Jong un in North Korea everything else we tried for the preceding quarter of a century had not worked I support it is challenging and the Chinese the Chinese have gotten away with a lot of things for a lot of years so there are important things at least in the realm that I'm familiar with where where he have thought he and his initiatives at least where the right things to do they haven't proved to be particularly successful but at the same time he has weakened our alliances which I think is a critically important element of American national security you know there are there are puts on their tanks I think that we are in a weaker position in the world today than we were three years ago I've already asked you about president trump's suitability for the presidency I'd like to use the moment to ask about Joe Biden would you publicly endorsed him what I will say is hi I wrote in my book duty in two thousand fourteen that I thought Joe Biden had been wrong on almost every major foreign policy issue over the preceding forty years I wrote on the same page they'll that I've regarded Joe Biden as a man of great integrity a very decent human being somebody that if you had a personal problem or an issue Joe Biden would be there to help you so although I've got a lot of policy disagreements with the former vice president he is a decent person is decency of great importance though in this moment.

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