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I'm tired host of ideas in this age of click bait and shouting ideas is a meeting ground for people who want to deepen their understanding of the world. Join me as we crack. Open a concept to see how it plays out over place time and how. It matters today from the rise of authoritarianism to the history of cult movies. No idea is off. Limits ideas is on the cbc listening. Or wherever you find your podcasts. This is a cbc podcast. I have never been as worried about the future as i am today. Today's variant count is the tip of an iceberg. By the time the confirmed case counts are big enough to shock us. It will be too late to do anything we will be in a third wave as bad as anything we've been through thus far that dr. Eileen davila toronto's medical officer of health sending a warning about the possible impact of covid variance in canada's largest city. There is concern across this country. About how the variance will affect the cova curve. Andrea card is the health columnist for the globe and mail under good morning. Good morning. it's a stark warning from dr. Eileen davila issue right to be as worried as she is. Do you think. I think as she said she said. It's deceptively dangerous the barium so i think we should be worried. I think we have to balance off against some good news. We can't just always be depressing. You know the reality is cases are down by about two-thirds in canada since early january. So there's a lot of good news but there is this really dark cloud on the horizon variant. And we just don't know at all turn out. So i think she's right to to look to other countries have the third wave was again as she said much worse than the previous two so we have to be concerned that that could happen. But it's not a foregone conclusions. I'm always finding that balance is always difficult. The d- optimistic Lights at the end of the tunnel announced in the last couple of days is this idea. Government data came out yesterday suggesting that two thirds of canadians could be vaccinated by july given. What is not happening right now. Which is a widespread vaccination campaign in this country. Do you think that something like that is possible. Oh there's no question it's possible once you know over lacking is the vaccines we have the ability to vaccinate a lot of people. We do it every year. We can vaccinate a million people a week during the flu season with a lot of effort so we really put our noses to the grindstone. We could easily double that so if we have the vaccines we can do it. there's no real barrier to that but the question you know it's just been the slow arrival of the vaccines. It not wasn't unexpected. But he really is going to ramp up. And i think the challenge is going to shift from ottawa buying the vaccines too in the province. It deliver on all their promises. Take to get them into people and do you believe that. The provinces are ready to do this that that that the infrastructure is there so that when the vaccines arrive you know. The switch can be flicked in a way we go. I think the desire is there. The ability is there. And i don't think it's his easiest flipping a switch so there's going to be just as we had with the the purchaser vaccines. There's gonna be hiccups. there's gonna be problems We in the media are going to jump on them. But i think overall it's going to go well. I think there's no reason we shouldn't be doing it when we hear things When we hear pretty concrete plans like we're going to vaccinate people in their cars at canada's wonderland that's good news. It shows that there's a lot of preparation going on. We know that fewer people are dying in long term care in canada because of the vaccine in the meantime though there's news this week about an inquiry in quebec looking into deaths in long term care in that province particularly at the herron home. What's happening with that inquiry. Unfortunately that's been suspended the the owner of a home of the home. That's at the center of this inquiry. A put forward a motion legal motion saying they wanted it suspended because they said a public inquiry at this time would poison the jury pool so they think that would They may be facing criminal charges. So they're worried about the not getting a fair trial now to me. This is a preposterous argument. It's something that's been settled in law. Many years ago i Decades ago covered the creature inquiry and this was a debate. It went all the way up to federal court and the federal courts will. Of course you can have an inquiry Even if it does result in criminal charges inquiries don't set criminal blame and if you take this argument to its conclusion its logical conclusion. Essentially means that we couldn't have any public enquiries because there's always the risk of of criminal charges you know the reason we're having inquiries it's because there was a -rageous behavior so of course prime me have been committed just in the last minute or so that we have do you worry and i know you have a book coming out a long-term care we'll talk about when it's released but do you worry that as more of vaccinated as we move through this we could forget about the death and suffering long-term care that was so shocking to us in the earlier stages of this pandemic. I think the danger is always that that we have short memories in the public policy field. Whether it's long term care whether the way we treated the homeless we've done a lot of good things during the the we've been forced to react to long standing problems that we can't allow ourselves to just throw up our hands and and forget these things when we get the virus under control. Thanks to vaccination and other measures andrei. We'll speak again in the meantime. Thank you very much thank you. Andre picard the global males health columnist for more. Cbc podcasts go to cbc dot ca slash.

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