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Talk radio seven ninety day abc and here on the first period a nashville gelatin quick and king's water vando are right in the opening period tech arena to our live referees mark jeunet cow reiman reliance macau murchison and derek nansen riina and his career against the king's a record of twelve seven and five wanna know this year quicken his career against nashville just five nine and two he is on one against the predators this season third and final meeting between these two first two games in ally both won by nashville identical four three stores one in regulation and one in overtime copa job i have followed to fully muslim and doughty we'll start for head coach john stevens and the king's the king's looking for their third straight win pierer tonight and off the draw ellis four nashville on a shoot in iraq at it doughty and now to a fully who clears it out to the neutralize syria loose part gathered in cope with dr quickly yunan left wing forced why bayala's feed it out to the blue line muslims shot save rebound to poli i shot just wide riina might have got a piece of that and the predators well clear down here in the first period the king's building from our right left offense and areas jake mas ahead for ocober charm and it is on a grab pass riot follow center and deep behind the nashville netco petar with it rapporteur feet the high slot rounders done now for four burt fourbirdie malign it tonight missed the last two games swingset around the wall the puck is cleared by joe hanson just turned away the king's mishandled a puk at their line creditors takeover sue ban moves in on rightwing with the players still trapped and off side just underway here in nashville the kings and the nashville predators pelicans get the first shot on goal is shopper back it up blue line by musset again we see copa tire carrying a puk the length of the ice he backs a defense optics of all the way down to the goalline sense of buck up high that opens up a shooting lane muslim a high shot goes off digested goaltender arena and entitled to fully with a chance on the rebound swept it just white electrical jake muhsin working on a sixgame pointscoring lando way fallen hurt campaid per grounded pearson to the attacking line i shot stick save pearson chasing down.

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