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About this operation well i have an answer for that and i think it puts a lot of this to bed the reason the operation to spy on trump and wasn't a lot of it did leak out by the way especially the identity of how per which was i mean just listened to my show from march and you'll see we were already onto this hat tip the chuck ross and others out there the identities and these people did leak out a lot of people had information you know me included from other people about stuff in the skin did leak out because they were people very disturbed so but his point is well if there was such a massive operation to spy on the trump you i'm guessing from the tweets it well why didn't the details of the operation leak out you get what i'm saying joe like given the problems with information custody and easy fair question well here's why i believe it didn't leak out in significant droves and trenches of information because it was nothing to leak the information remember the leaking operation in dc once you keep in mind and you keep this in context is strictly designed to do one thing joe who do you think the operation in dc is designed to hurt trump the democrats are trump term trump of course not a trick question the leaking operation in dc is designed to hurt donald trump why i had a conversation with the pretty prominent trump guy yesterday you didn't request that i not use his name so i'm going to keep it out of this but i was on the phone with him for a good hour in the morning before the show and we had this conversation yeah i'll tell you it later there's interesting conversation folks that operation that take down trump please keep this crystal clear i'm going to relate this back to the leaks but you'll understand where i'm going with this in a second was not a democrat only operation please understand this it wasn't establishment gop operation as well why do you think there are prominent gop senate tours.

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